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Lightway solar  (BaoDing  Lightway  Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd) is a LONGJITAIHE group company. Longjitaihe established in 1995, is a fortune 500 company of China.

Longjitaihe being a pioneer in Real Estate, Commercial Trade and Industrial technology, ventured into renewable business and established Lightway Green Energy Technology Co in 2008. Since then Lightway Solar is one of the fastest growing Solar Company in China and  also  globally.  It  was  rated  as   “TOP50  ENTERPRISE”  in  Innovation  capacity  of China’s electronics information indus- try. LightWay Solar is a 100% vertically integrated state of  art  manufacturer  of  PV modules with 660MW manufacturing capacity in 2016. In 2015 BaoDing Lightway

Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd suc- cessfully became Stock-Listed on the Main Board Market at HONGKONG.

BaoDing Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a 100% vertically integrated manufacturer of Mono/ Poly Crystalline Cells, Wafers and PV Modules. Solar Project executed across globe (China, USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, etc).


Vision Statement:

* Professionalism: We aim to attract and train the best talents for our business, fully respect individuals’ diverse potentials, and develop a positive “can do” attitude among our employees.

* Client Satisfaction: We are proud to pro- vide excellent customer service and value long-term relationships with our clients.

* Integrity: Lightway believes in gaining trust by taking responsibilities, acting ethically, and encouraging honesty.

* Forward Thinking: We are confident in the future of the solar industry, and aim   to maximize the social, environmental, and economical benefits our business creates.

Mission Statement:

Throughout the entire vertical production from ingots to modules, Lightway uses a series of world’s leading equipment sup- pliers such as APPLIED MATERIALS, RENA, CENTROTHERM,  DESPATCH,  BACCINI and

MANZ Automation with strong integration capability. Lightway incorporates TOYAMA fully-automated tabbing and stringing  lines and ABB Robotics. Lightway always attaches importance to the technology and innovation. With the belief that technology change people’s life, Lightway’s technology center was established in 2009 and since then, Lightway has already developed and promoted 48 innovative product patents and has promoted our poly cell efficiency to 17.7% by 2012.

Products & Services

60 ~ 72 Cells – Mono and Poly Crystalline PV Modules

Business Competitiveness

* 100% Vertically Integrated.

* 100% Quality Control

* Highest Positive Tolerance

* Linear Warranty

* Excellent Weak Light Performance

* PID Free

* Tested extreme Anti Corrosion

Quality Policy Of The Company:

Manufacturing Facility Certification: OHSAS 18001, ISO14001, ISO 9001.

Product Certification:

JET Certificate, MCS Certificate, Salt Corrosion resistance test, UL Certificate, ETL Certificate, CE Certificate, California CEC, Australia CEC, PID, TUV (61730), TUV (61215)



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