We are leading the industry with MOSFETs, IGBTs and now the wide band Semiconductors like GaN and SiC

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Below are the excerpts of our recent interview with Mr. Narendra Badve,Director and Country Head - Sales (Industrial Power Control),Infineon Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Infineon Technologies is a world leader in semiconductor solutions. What are the different products and solutions Infineon is offering in Indian market?

Infineon Technologies is very focused on India market, with ambitious growth charter in next five  years.  We  mainly  focus  on Industrial, Automotive, Chipcard and Multimarket Power range of products. Industrial Power Control ( IPC ) BU is mainly focussed on participation with our power solutions in key verticals - including Power, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Energy Efficient Appliances. With big thrust from government for all of these segments, we are looking forward to working closely with Indian industry towards design and support for new product developments for Indian market. We partner with key local and global players in these areas. Infineon’s technology enables an efficient energy generation. Could you please highlight some of your finest innovations in solar industry.

Infineon plays a very active and frontal role in energy management. We design, develop and manufacture Power Semiconductors that enables highly efficient Renewable Energy generation (main  focus  on  Wind & Solar Energy from few 100W to several MW), the Transmission  and  Distribution  is also supported with power Electronics for efficiency, power quality and reliability upto GW level with advancements in Thyristors and IGBTs. On the consumption side Appliances, Lighting, Transportation, Industrial equipment are all increasingly relying on Power Electronics and Power Semiconductors for energy efficiency and helping reduce CO2 emission

In case of solar systems the Solar to Electric energy conversion rate is ~ 15% and is generated at low voltage  DC.  Inverters  are used to convert this into a  usable  form at different voltage and frequency. The expectation for these inverters is to operate at very high conversion efficiency. Infineon has enabled inverters surpassing 99% benchmark. We are leading the industry with MOSFETs, IGBTs and now the wide band Semiconductors like GaN and SiC.

Our latest generation of IGBTs (IGBT5  with .XT) and SiC MOSFETs CoolSiC™ are revolutionising the inverter space with highest power densities, efficiency and reliability. All these attributes are equally important as not only cost but Total Cost of ownership is important for Renewable Energy propaga- tion. We will be expanding the portfolio in the coming months to address the wider spectrum of Renewable Energy.

Technology matters the most in the growth of any sector; How does Infineon stand out in terms of technology amongst its competitors?

Infineon targets a holistic advancement. Silicon and wide band semiconductors, advanced packaging with new materials & interconnects. Integration of functions are all targeted towards the goals of higher efficiency, power density and militarisation. Ease of use and faster adaptation is another area which we are working won with our eco-system partners and customers. Infineon, also sets itself apart in manufacturing of Silicon wafers with thin film technology as well as 8 inch wafer diameter the first in the world. With our depth in several markets like Drives, Wind, Solar, Automotive, Power supplies we are able to better design Silicon (voltage class, optimisation for switching frequency) and packages for a perfect fit to the application.

We would like to know a brief on your growth in the past year and some milestones you wish to achieve this year.

We have seen  an  above  market  growth in India; Solar, Wind, UPS/Inverters and Traction have been the areas that have seen an impressive growth of 15-20% growth per annum over the last couple of ears. We now see new opportunities in Power Quality, Vehicle Electrification and Inverterisation of Appliances showing promising growth rates. We would like to work with the Indian developers to be able to develop and manufacture such applications in India. Infineon is also working selectively to introduce the latest technologies in India for faster adaptation.

Lastly, any message you would like to give to solar industry?

Solar Energy Industry in India is currently mainly focused on manufacturing of modules and panels while inverters are still imported in large volumes. Inverters are a critical part of the system. Investment into development of String as well as Central Inverters with new topologies as well as with high efficiency would help both the solar Industry as well the nation with contribution to the “Make in India” program. Locally developed systems can be designed for local conditions and offer an opportunity for higher service levels as well as cost optimization.


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