"India solar cell and module factories are our main clients. Now, we have more than 30% market share in India"

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Below are the excerpts of our recent interview with Mr. Ran Xu, Vice President, Gsolar Power Co.Ltd

You are a global leader in the solar industry. Could you please tell us about your current business presence in India?

We are PV equipment leader in solar industry including cell tester, solar simulator, EL detector and auto module production line. So, India solar cell and module factories are our main clients. Now, we have more than 30% market share in India.

Tell us more about the latest innovations in your product and solution offerings for the Indian market.

Due to Indian market is booming, we sup- ply different grade machine to different kinds of customer.

We promote three new product series like A+A+A+ solar simulator, high resolution  EL (>42 Mpixel)and high automatic production line for first class module producer and Lab.

Because, they have strict request to quality control.

What exciting opportunities do you see in the Indian and global markets?

India is in near equator and has enough sunshine, meanwhile, 400 million people has no electricity in India or electricity is not stable.

So that, India will have big opportunity to produce solar modules and use solar panel in domestic market.

What have been some of the new tech- nology trends in the module industry and how have you geared up for the same?

New technology trends in module industry is high power output and low cost. There are some methods to increase power out- put like new tech. cells, new materials and new encapsulation process and so on.

And our high automatic production line can decrease labour cost, shorten production pulse, increase module output and avoid quality lost.

Quality, Costs and Performance are key concern areas for Indian project devel- opers. How would you like to address these issues for your offerings in India?

We promote new testing equipment which can test new module more accurately   like HIT, bi-facial modules and help client to analyse problem and increase quality.

And we also have outdoor EL machine which can test module quality on site.

Anything else you would like to add for our readers.

Gsolar has 16 years of experience in solar industry and has top 1 market share in the world.

We have more than 60% market share in China and export machine to more than 30 countries including Germany, Spain, France, USA and so on.


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