Effects of choosing the right type of wires on the overall performance of the product/ project.


Effects of choosing the right type of wires on the overall performance of the product/ project. 

Marc Jarrault MD Lapp India

Mr. Marc Jarrault  – Managing Director, Lapp India Pvt. Ltd

In the PhotoVoltaic industry, the desirable features of a cable are its UV resistance, its mechanical and chemical properties to be whether resistance. The cable also needs to be thin, light and robust in its construction for better service life. 

Lapp being a pioneer in PV cable and connection technology, uses the electron beam cross linking method while curing, which is by far the latest technology which enables us to produce cables which offers superior and consistent performance during its lifetime. The double insulated construction (inner and outer sheaths) in a cable showcases superior di-electric capabilities. 

The cables are routed through conduits during installations. Depending on how its installed, the PV cables are likely to be exposed to water for a longer duration and repeatedly, which can damage the cables. Also, cables are the most vulnerable during the time of flood or natural calamity. To such applications, we at LAPP Group have developed the ÖLFLEX® SOLAR XLR WP PV cables that guarantees continuous system performance - particularly in areas which are prone to flooding, or where cables are installed underground in protective conduits where water, heat and moisture can accumulate. These cables are certified are are in accordance with the TUV and the latest EN 50618 standards.

In Asia Pacific, we have supplied these cables to floating PV stations and canal top PV projects, where the ambient humidity levels are very high.


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  Mr. Vijay Karia - Chairman & Managing Director, Ravin Group of Companies.

Cables are the lifeline of any project, i.e. the arteries and veins of the place where they are put to use. With the advent of specialization and growing demands for specific use of products and growing use of technology for manufacturing not just these products but also wires and cables, specialization has crept in more than ever before.

Earlier the demand for wires and cables was more generic in nature and the purpose was very limited that means easy carrying of electricity from point A to point B. Differentiating factor was only voltage. Now there is a much greater demand in terms of safety measures, more specific usages and area and weight available for such purposes. For example an underground metro railway system or a large convention centre or airport where many people are present at any given time , require specialized fire survival cables for the safety of life and property. A motor vehicle where every gram counts requires high temperature and light weight cables. Solar application cables have demands of high temperature withstanding facility & great resistance to external aging a defenceship or an aircraft requires low cross-section as well as highly reliable performance and resistance to vastly different atmospheric conditions. Cables which carry large amount of current need to be designed to ensure minimum losses. Apart from all these factors cables also need to have longevity, durability and design aspects keeping in consideration over loading, severe electrical stresses as well as mishandling and rough usage. 

Hence choosing not just the right cable but the right specification, right design and right construction specifications is very important. Companies like ours give you the right kind of conductor construction even when not specified by the customer so that the losses in the cable are vastly reduced.

Similarly we find that multi core medium voltage and high voltage cables are manufactured with PVC fillers, which actually cause cables to deteriorate and malfunction. We manufacture cables only with PP fillers. 

Hence like a petrol engine car can vastly underperform or even break down if the right kind of people not used, the same can happen to your electrical system if correct cables are not used.



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