Service Tip: Which SMA Inverters Support Modbus?

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(Update January 9, 2018) Many customers ask us whether their inverter supports Modbus and where exactly they can check this. Our product management has prepared a detailed list about this topic.
You can find it here:

1. Go to the SMA download page for the Modbus protocol interface

Download the Modbus specification (ZIP file) there.


Technical Information_Modbus2

Please note that you may see a different version number if the document has been updated since this was published.

2. After you extract the ZIP file, you will find two files.


You can find all the devices that support Modbus in the device-specific list (Excel), under “SMA Device Types.”

SMA Device Types
Sunny Boy                                                                                         ID
SB 5000SE-10 9225
SB 3600SE-10 9226
SB 3000TL-21 9074
SB 3600TL-21 9165
SB 4000TL-21 9075
SB 5000TL-21 9076
SB 2500TLST-21 9184
SB 3000TLST-21 9185
SB 3500TL-JP-22 9162
SB 4500TL-JP-22 9164
SB 3000TL-US-22 9198
SB 3800TL-US-22 9199
SB 4000TL-US-22 9200
SB 5000TL-US-22 9201
SB 6000TL-US-22 9274
SB 7000TL-US-22 9275
SB 7700TL-US-22 9293
SB1.5-1VL-40 9301
SB2.5-1VL-40 9302
SB3.0-1SP-US-40 9328
SB3.8-1SP-US-40 9329
SB5.0-1SP-US-40 9304
SB6.0-1SP-US-40 9305
SB7.0-1SP-US-40 9330
SB7.7-1SP-US-40 9306
SB3.0-1AV-40 9319
SB3.6-1AV-40 9320
SB4.0-1AV-40 9321
SB5.0-1AV-40 9322
Sunny Boy Storage
SBS2.5-1VL-40 9326
Sunny Tripower
STP 8000TL-10 9101
STP 10000TL-10 9067
STP 12000TL-10 9068
STP 15000TL-10 9069
STP 17000TL-10 9070
STP 15000TLEE-10 9182
STP 20000TLEE-10 9181
STP 10000TLEE-JP-10 9222
STP 12000TL-US-10 9194
STP 15000TL-US-10 9195
STP 20000TL-US-10 9196
STP 24000TL-US-10 9197
STP 30000TL-US-10 9310
STP 20000TLEE-JP-11 9271
STP 10000TLEE-JP-11 9272
STP 5000TL-20 9098
STP 6000TL-20 9099
STP 7000TL-20 9100
STP 8000TL-20 9103
STP 9000TL-20 9102
STP 10000TL-20 9281
STP 11000TL-20 9282
STP 12000TL-20 9283
STP 15000TL-30 9336
STP 20000TL-30 9284
STP 25000TL-30 9285
STP 25000TL-JP-30 9311
STP 50-40 9338
STP 50-US-40 9339
STP 50-JP-40 9340
Sunny Island
SI3.0M-11 9278
SI4.4M-11 9279
SI6.0H-11 9223
SI8.0H-11 9224
SI4.4M-12 9332
SI6.0H-12 9333
SI8.0H-12 9334
3. If you require further information, please click on an individual tab.

You will find the relevant details about the device types and firmware that are supported there.


Do you have any further suggestions for the Modbus interface? Please feel free to add them to the comments section.

Please find more information about Modbus on our website SMA Developer.

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