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The Duomax module is available in both 60 cell and 72 cell configuration. It is made up of two layers of 2.5mm thin heat-strengthened glass for front and back of the module. This is different from the conventional module which uses front glass and backsheet structure. EVA is available in white and transparent version if more light through is required.

Specifications and advancement:

a) The glass+glass feature is a heavy-duty solution for environments of high temperature and humiditycondi-tions that can accelerate performance degradation. Test results shows that Duo-Max module has increased resistance to micro-cracking, potential induced degradation (PID), module warping (EL), and degradation from UV rays, sand, alkali, acids and salt mist.

b) Replacement of backsheet with glass also greatly reduces flammability and DUOMAX can achieve TUV fire class A

c) The split J-Box design reduces risk of hot spots occurrence due to the separate diodes location Cable lengths can also be customized for different installation of landscape or portrait.

d) The modules are designed for higher 1500V IEC and 1000V UL applications, which enables longer installation string runs to enable reduce BoS cost in terms of DC cable, combiner box, hardware and labor installation costs.

e) Frameless design (removal of the aluminum frame from conventional modules) removes grounding require-mentsand in turn achieved cost savings. Performance of the module is also improved due to no or less soiling

f) With the increased reliability, warranty is upgrade to 30 years with yearly degradation of 0.5%.


• Higher light transmission opens up deployment in agriculture (greenhouses) and fishing applications

• Large scale solar farms also benefitted from the 1500V system voltage for lower BOS costs



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