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In continuity to its growth path and offering Premium Products in Power &Telecom space, Polycab has also forayed into Solar products . Amongst Our  offerings are Solar DC Cables which have now been sold extensively Pan India in large projects as well as through Channel Sales. We have also launched Solar Grid Tie String Inverters and  true MPPT based Solar Pump Controller with Voltage Booster giving very high efficiency output and Solar Pumping Systems. We will soon be launching Micro Inverters & Hybrid Inverters with excellent USPs.

POLYCAB SOLAR DC CABLES are available in three varieties

Type 1 Solar DC Cables are TUV approved as per 2 Pfg 1169/08.2007 having Annealed Tinned Copper Conductor with XLPO insulation and sheathing which is Halogen Free Flame Retardant. These cables are capable of withstanding -40°C to +120°C conductor temperature. Sizes available are from 2.5sq.mm to 95sq.mm with TUV approval. Cross Linking of sizes 2.5sq.mm to 16sq.mm is Now being offered with State-of-art E-Beam Technology.

Type 2 Solar DC Cables are having Annealed Bare Copper Conductor with HR 105°C PVC insulation and sheathing which is Heat Resistant and can withstand -15°C to 105°C conductor temperature. Sizes available are from 1.5sq.mm to 240sq.mm. These cables are manufactured on the guidelines of IS 694 for flexibles and IS 1554 for Cables.

Type 3 Solar DC Cables are having Annealed Bare Copper Conductor with XLPE insulation and PVC ST2 sheathing and can withstand -15°C to 90°C conductor temperature. Sizes available are from 1.5sq.mm to 240sq.mm. These cables are manufactured on the guidelines of IS 7098 Part 1 for Cables.


Polycab String Inverters are  being offered in the range of Single Phase inverters from 1KW to 5KW and Three Phase inverters from 6KW to 40 KW. The unique features of these inverters are,

1. The latest products with innovative 2nd Generation technology

2. Suitable for different types of residential and commercial/industrial applications 

3. Compatible for Net-Metering

4. Suitable for crystalline and thin film technologies Solar Panels 

5. IEC certified and complying with all applicable Indian and International standard

Other leading features ensure stable and reliable operation giving trouble free services to maximize the output-

•             Transformer less Topology with > 20 years Design Life

•             Wide Input Voltage Range

•             Advanced Dual MPPT Technology with 99.9% Efficiency

•             Maximum Conversion Efficiency up to 99%

•             More Number of MPPT Inputs

•             Compact and Light Design for Easy Installation

•             RS-485 / WIFI / GPRS Monitoring 

•             Comprehensive 5 Years Warranty

Polycab Solar offers wide range of string inverters with Multiple MPPT technology and Remote Monitoring Feature, Polycab String Inverters are utilised from small household applications to large scale power plants.

From a performance point of view, the approach is to maximize the number of MPPTs (maximum power point trackers) in the array, whilst minimizing system downtime and making O&M more efficient. A faulty string inverter does not translate into a large proportion of a system being offline; and it can be easily replaced, normally with a stock of replacements kept onsite in the case of a particularly large system.

Emerging PV markets have shown significant shift towards using  string inverters in lieu of Central Inverters, string inverters can be offered requiring less ongoing technical support and minimal down time in case of failures. The stock of replacement products can be kept on site and should an inverter fail, it is simply swapped. This is believed to be a major motivation behind large systems as far as maintaining high uptime. We have established Distributor network spread out Pan India and is growing day by day.

With the successful performance already being seen in all the installations so far in India we are very sure to have a fair share of String Inverters in the market in the coming financial year.


Polycab Solar Water Pumping Solution is a fully automatic system designed to provide water at affordable cost for people with limited or no access to electricity. It uses the most advanced solar variable speed drive to regulate the speed of a motor depending upon the maximum solar energy available from the solar panel.By constantly innovating and designing intelligent solar pumping system Polycab is trying to reduce installation and commissioning time. We take great pride in our design process, a healthy feedback from costumers to help design and manufacturing products time to time.

Main Features of Solar Pump Controller:

1. Suitable for 0.5HP to 30 HP surface mount and submersible pumps

2. DSP based technology: Single Card combining MPPT, inverter and VFD 

3. Automatic Mains change over when solar power is not available 

4.Corrosion resistant, IP65 enclosure for drive suitable for outdoor installation.

5. Multiple built in protections 

6. Equipped with Remote Monitoring facility 

7. Transformer less design and compact in size 

8. LCD Display for easy viewing

9. 30% to 40% more efficient than conventional Solar Pump Controllers

10. Remote accessibility for ON/OFF possible with Mobile Phone


1. Irrigation of land

2. Domestic water supply

3. Fish farming

4. Water for Livestock

5. Solar powered fountains

POLYCAB SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS: POLYCAB SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS are presently launched in Maharashtra and sold with ETC with triple layer special coating hot water tank. Unique features of the Polycab SWH System are:

1) Poly Urethane Foam as Insulation material

2) GI inner tank with special three layer anti-corrosive coating

3) Three layered highly efficient selectively coated borosilicate vacuum tubes for minimum heat losses from system due to ETC tube

4) Eco-friendly, economical, long life, reliability, easy installation and maintenance free systems suitable for hard water

5) Auto-electrical back up system (optional)

6) Wide range of models available from 100LPD to 1000LPD (for Domestic) and 1500LPD to 10000LPD (for Commercial)

7) Integration available in higher LPD’s for temperature controlled system and series systems

8) Pressurised systems also available in FPC models






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