ArctechSolar trackers are solutions to high return on investment and make solar projects economically profitable under cost pressure

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Arctech is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar photovoltaic mounting structures and trackers for utilities, commercial and residential projects.

Since 2009, with over 10 GW of installations, Arctech continues to develop technologies that improve production and deliver long-term financial benefits. With annual capacity of 9GW, Arctech is well equipped to meet the growing energy needs of the planet, and has grown into a reliable partner in the global PV tracking and racking system field.

ArctechSolar trackers are solutions to high return on investment and make solar projects economically profitable under cost pressure. In particularly, ArctechSolar redundancy horizontal single axis trackers are the most attractive solutions in terms of profitability and reliability. And ArctechSolar’s ground mounted solutions are designed and engineered for each customer’s site specific conditions to minimize the field installation labor and do not require field welding, drilling or other on-site fabrication.

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Trackers add capital cost to the project and they involve moving parts that have traditionally been associated with the perception of complex designing, prone to failure, high repair and maintenance expenses. ArctechSolar’s series product Arctracker Pro provides an innovative solution to this by designing a revolutionary tracking mechanism which sets new standards for reliability.

The redundancy concept means there are two systems: one primary system and another one for backup. In case that the primary system fails, it automatically performs a switch- over to the backup system. The purpose is to neutralize the tracker failure and protect the economic return of investors by keeping the power generation unchanged. It can also minimize the maintenance cost since the routine maintenance is already enough and there is no emergency need for field support.

The redundancy design has now been applied to the motor of ArctechSolar’s patented design, control unit, power supply and sensor. With the world’s first redundancy design, Arctracker Procan meet most of the requirements. The standard horizontal single axis tracker is most suitable for relatively low latitude while horizontal single axis tracker with tilted modules and tilt single axis tracker are normally used for higher latitude. The big and small trackers designed locally for multiple uses and rough grounds.  Arctracker Pro can be remotely monitored and controlled with RS485 Communication Interface through most off-the-shelf monitoring software. Multi-mode control function includes backtracking, rain, snow, wind and manual operations. In particularly, backtracking eliminates self-shadowing of panels during early mornings and late evenings and allows compact design of tracker in limited space. The tracking angle can be adjusted to control the power output as per the grid requirements.

At the beginning of 2017, Arctech Solar will bring Arctracker Pro with the world’s first invented redundancy design to Japan market. It can suit the local conditions in Japan and especially improve the largest rotation angle to work under some extreme climate conditions such as blizzard days which might reduce the potential power loss caused by special weather. Most of the conventional PV power stations in Japan use fixed mounting structure generally with an angle between 5 and 20 degrees. Under this condition, on the blizzard days the snow would pile up on top of modules and cannot naturally fall off. The PV power stations may not be able to work normally for several months in winter if the snow can’t be cleaned in time. This time, Arctech Solar intentionally increases the maximum rotation angle from 45 to 65 degrees, so the snow can fall off freely because of gravity and there would not have any snow that would cover modules any more. Also the materials are optional for the structures between square tubes and hexagonal tubes.


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