iPLONs i_IOT systems for the Hybrid PV-DG systems

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iPLON is a German HQ Solar O&M company since 1995. iPLON’s philosophy is innovation towards ‘Decentral’ technology and the systems are based on Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).

iPLON believes in and supports Smart Cities and Smarter Villages and envisions a Post-Carbon Society.

iPLON India operations began in 2013, and has grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of O&M based Monitoring and Control Systems in the country. iPLON has commissioned over 2000 MW of monitoring and control systems in Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Japan, Canada and several other countries. iPLON caters to both the Utility-scaled projects and Rooftops market, with a prior experience of commissioning over 5000 rooftops in Germany.

iPLON has been supplying its SCADA Systems, Remote Monitoring Systems, Telemetry Systems, Weather Stations and many other tailored-made solutions to Welspun, TATA Power, ACME, L&T, Amplus Solar, Kiran Energy and many other customers across India. iPLON has a strong task force of 50 young engineers at its offices in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and O&M offices across 10 states.

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iPLON has specially tailored a product to cater the SECI 500 MW rooftop projects, iSECI_RT. The iSECI_RT is the monitoring solution for the diverse rooftop projects of 500 MW capacities across the different states in India.


The iSECI_RT is built in an IP65 casing. The iSECI_RT will monitor the Inverters, SMU, Energy Meter, and Weather Stations. The connection to the inverters can be through TCP/iP or RS 485. The connection to the SMU, Energy Meters, and Weather Stations will be through RS 485.

Continuing the strategy of building products with low power consumption, the iSECI_RT consumes only 10 W and operates perfectly upto 60 °C. An input supply of 230 V (AC) is required to power up the box. The entire system works on 24 V (DC).

The iSECI_RT requires a stable 3G/4G or DSL mode of internet connection for sending the data from the site to the cloud. The data logger has a capacity of storing the data up to  3 months.


All the data from the field devices gets stored, processed and compressed before being sent to the cloud server. Through advanced computing database technologies, the data is then retrieved. The useful data points are then mapped into the graphical representation as required by the user, which is accessible on your desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Also, the same data is available to be downloaded in the .csv format for data analysis.

The platform on which the software is built has several advantages. One of the key advantages is the retrieval of data in the case of 20+ plants at a minimal response time. The portal can be accessed from anywhere in the world and can host multiple sites on a single platform. With the analytics features that iPLON provides, the user can benchmark and analyze the parameters from different plants which will help to maintain the life of the plant.

The advantage of having modular systems is that it can be expanded to support different requirements and applications. The key advantage of the iSECI_RT finds its application in plants which operate on both solar PV and DG, the i_IOT.

The i_IOT has a feature of the Inverter power reduction, which works dynamically based on the output of the diesel generator. This feature prioritizes the maximum output from the solar plant without compromising on the DG efficiency.

With access to proven German technology and iPLON’s network in the Renewable Energy and Smart Grid domain, iPLON’s products are built for the Indian cost- sensitive market and often find it winning projects against automation giants such as GE, ABB, Siemens, etc.



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