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ZNSHINE SOLAR: We innovate products to win the Indian market ZNSHINE SOLAR brings 12-busbar module and Self-cleaning module

Self cleaning Module

12 busbar Module

It was observed that a) policy changes give way to all three market segments: utility, commercial & industrial and residential; b) under extreme and diverse climatic conditions in India, it’s critical to consider modules with higher specifications such as PID free, low temperature coefficient, higher efficiency, good Low light performance, minimum micro crack and hot sports, etc. These factors create a direct impact on consistent energy yields over the lifetime of power plant. 

India is a huge country with extreme and diverse climatic conditions. Under such extreme environmental conditions, it’s important to consider modules with higher specifications such as PID free, low temperature coefficient, Higher efficiency, Good Low light performance, minimizing Micro crack and hot sports, etc. These factors create a direct impact on consistent energy yields o ver the lifetime of the power plant.

ZNNSHINE SOLAR is one of very few manufacturers that can guarantee all the above features under all climate conditions with their new 12-busbar modules. It is with the maximum power output at 325W has been approved by the CQC (China Quality Certificate Center), and the efficiency is up to 17.3%. Comparing to the regular ones, it has a good weak-light performance. With dense bus bars, current conduction distances between bars can be much shortened and serial resistance can be reduced, giving rise to 3% power output more over all. Besides, internal crack effect can be reduced to the minimum, which makes the downstream systems more reliable and last longer. 

Depending on the type of installation and in response to the challenges to keep the solar panels dust-free, the use of ‘self-cleaning’ modules will substantially reduces the O&M cost. For this, we are introducing Graphene-coated modules. Combining of graphene and PV glass can increase the transmission properties of the glass itself, raising around 5% module efficiency. It has a good weak-light performance and can effectively reduce the heat resistance, prolonging product life and increasing power output. The core of this technology is that the graphene film is with high hydrophilicity, which endowed the PV glass with self-cleaning function, reducing the maintenance cost. Graphene coating technology can be applied to any module.

ZNSHINE SOLAR has been dedicated to module technology innovation for many years, aiming to reach higher efficiency in the downstream systems and finally help clients to achieve better profits. It has launched bi-facial module, double-glass module, smart module, 12-busbar module and self-cleaning module in less than two years. The belief “innovation wins the market” pushes this company to fight for 29 years and gain the PV market share worldwide. It is especially the top brand in Japan that is a market with most strict requirement for products and services.

ZNSHINE SOLAR (NEEQ Code: 838463), founded in 1988, is one of the Tier 1 PV companies and also in the Top 20 bankable PV company list worldwide, evaluated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It covers a wide range of business including projects investment & operation, EPC services and module manufacturing with a module capacity of 1.6MW. The company owns a full-automatic production line, bringing the best value for global customers and the company itself.


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