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SunSlew slewing drives are applied on single and dual axis PV/CPV/CSP solar tracking system, parabolic trough application, solar dish system and wind power. 
SQ Series is processed by double lip rotation framework oil sealing. The grease will be a stable liquid film when operating. So, there is a little bearing friction while higher protection Class-IP65. SQ slewing drive is machined by special of surface treatment process of electrophoresis and painting. All-around Anti-Rust and Anti-corrosion is a good solution to severe working condition. 

SQ Series
VD Series adopts enveloping worm design, multi tooth contact can drive larger load and have higher transmission precision & efficiency. VD Series has the structure of secondary sealing. The seal is made by high quality NBR, it can hold tightly to the sealing part because of its excellent compression performance. This kind of material has strong performance of corrosion resistance. VD Series is designed to be both ends output structure, which is widely applied on horizontal single axis and parabolic through solar tracker system with reliable performance.
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VD Series

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