We have increased our PV module manufacturing capacity to 500MW

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Goldi Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading solar PV module manufacturing companies.
We manufacture modules up to the range of 365Wp using Poly and Mono crystalline solar cells in an air-conditioned and state-of-the art, dust free facility. 
We have increased our PV module manufacturing capacity to 500MW and subsequently we aim to scale it up to 1GW by next year. We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified and the first Indian company to be independently audited by SOLARBUYER, U.S.A.
Besides being tested by third parties (SGS-TUV-SAAR) & (UL), Goldi Green modules are also integrated for reliability testing as part of the design process, and the test results are used to fine- tune module quality during mass production.
We are also a rapidly growing EPC company with installations PAN India. With an in-house team of engineers, we guarantee clean and professional installations in record time with rated output along with round the year remote monitoring of our plants.
Besides, we are one of the very few companies globally having a 4mm glass certification.
We are pleased to announce the introduction of our latest products: 
  • 5BB modules with PERC cell technology 
  • Twin Peak modules 
  • Split Junction box modules 
  • 1500 System Voltage modules 
  • White EVA Glass to Glass modules 
  • Transparent EVA Glass to Glass modules 
  • Bi-facial modules 
  • Light Weight (2mm & 2.5 mm glass) modules.
Product Introduction
Highlighted here is a brief introduction of our GOLDI 72 series 5 Bus Bar PERC cell technology Poly Crystalline modules. 
Offering a range from 330Wp to 345Wp, this module offers a conversion efficiency of up to 17.83%, benefitting from Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology.
The 5 busbar solar cells offer guaranteed performance with minimal power loss due to improved temperature coefficient.
Technology Specifications
PERC or Passivated Emitter Rear Contact technology refers to the dielectric layer on the back of a PERC solar cell. This layer on the back of the solar cell helps to reflect light that passed through the cell, back into the cell so it can generate more electrons. This is also known as backside passivation.
Hence, light which passes through the cell without being absorbed is again reflected back by the rear passivation for the second absorption attempt, thereby increasing efficiency.
Benefits: Goldi Green PERC panels have a higher energy density per square foot and perform well under low-light conditions and high temperatures.
Designers can utilize fewer panels to accomplish total output goals where footprint is limited, or they can dramatically maximize energy output if space is not a premium. This empowers designers to be more flexible and responsive to project objectives.
 Technology Advancements
Keeping ahead of the technology curve, we have launched the following new products for which we would like to highlight in brief, a few of the many more benefits derived.
Goldi 5BB 1500 System Voltage Module
Goldi 5BB 1500 System Voltage modules lead to longer string length and thereby use fewer components as compared to conventional power plants, thus decreasing BOS costs.
Goldi Bi-facial cell modules
Goldi bi-facial modules have the advantage of producing more energy by using reflective incidental light from the rear along with light from the front of the module.
Goldi Split JB module
The Goldi Split Junction Box layout design enables for a higher energy yield while reducing heat and increasing panel reliability. Also results in reduction of cable length high fill factor & four times lower power loss in complete module.
Goldi Twin Peak module (Half cut cells)
The half cut cell design in Goldi Twin Peak module results in reduction of resistance and adds an overall around 4Wp per panel extra power output along with improved performance in partial shade conditions.
Goldi White EVA & Transparent EVA Glass to Glass module
The Goldi White EVA & Transparent EVA Glass to Glass module eliminates PID due to frameless design, with no grounding required and is free of snail trails. The frameless design also reduces O&M cost due to less dust and snow accumulation.
Goldi Light Weight module (2mm & 2.5mm glass)
Reduced thickness of glass in Goldi Light Weight modules results in low weight of modules, very much suitable for roof tops. Eliminates need for expensive structural reinforcements. Derives higher panel efficiency due to lesser absorption and higher irradiance reaching the cells. Uniform and better heat dissipation from glass results in lower temperature of module leading to higher yield. 
Targeted/ Benefitted Customer Segment
Applications: On-grid large scale utility systems, on-grid & off-grid residential systems, on grid commercial / industrial roof tops and solar pumping systems.    
Apart from the above, application of Bi-Facial cell modules and Glass to Glass modules are ideal for BIPV, carport, floating PV, Snow or desert environments etc.

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