Monitoring with Solar-Log - Recognize faults quickly and avoid yield losses


Monitoring has become essential for the solar industry and is almost always included for new PV plants.

However, looking at the past, it can be said that the role of monitoring today is much more vital to PV plants. Even If PV plants were equipped with a monitoring system then, the control of operation data left much to be desired in most cases. Monitoring was often absent and plant owners often had not yet upgraded their PV plants.

Numerous factors could negatively influence the operation of a PV plant and could lead to a reduction or, in the worst case, to complete yield losses. The failure of one or several inverters, cable damage, errors during installation or reductions from one or several modules due to dirt and grime are only just a few examples. A professional monitoring system is required to recognize and fix such problems in time. Even better is to have a monitoring system that is attended to by a PV specialist along with a service and maintenance contract.

The Solar-Log™ is setting new international standards when it comes to monitoring photovoltaic plants and managing consumers and loads. Perfect and precise monitoring provides the basis for flawless operation. Solar-Log™ offers the perfect model for every plant size.

The Solar-Log™ monitoring system from SDS and a corresponding service and maintenance contact have proven themselves as a reliable and comfortable solution for plant operators. In addition to the cutting-edge technology required for monitoring PV plants, reliable partners are ready to provide their services. This is primarily achieved with the help of the Solar-Log™ WEB "Commercial Edition" online portal to constantly monitor the plant. When problems occur, the PV specialist can immediately arrange service calls or perform changes remotely. As a result, the forecasted power yields are ensured and the monitoring system is professionally installed from the start.

Especially for operators who have had their PV plants 10 years or more, it is particularly worthwhile to upgrade their plant with the Solar-Log™ monitoring system in combination with a service and maintenance contract (depending on the country and tariff). Especially since plant owners received much higher feed-in tariffs back then compared to today.

Based on a study with a focus on the questions: "Which losses occur with PV plants and when various components fail," SDS could determine the financial advantages of installing a professional monitoring system.






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