Industry Leaders Caplor Energy & Eco Save UK Form an Exciting Partnership


Two industry leaders have come together to create a new partnership bringing customers even more renewable energy choices.

Caplor Energy and Eco Save UK, two industry leaders, have come together to create a new partnership bringing customers even more renewable energy choices.

Caplor Energy, specialists in solar PV and renewable heating, have long been advocates of employing the expertise of like-minded companies to promote renewable energy to a wider audience.

Providing commercial scale renewable systems such as solar PV, Caplor Energy aims to help businesses to raise their ‘green credentials’ and save money in the process, by taking advantage of a resource that is free and totally sustainable – the sun.

Solar panels work by turning photons from the sun into electricity, transferring it into AC current for use in the home. Any access energy left unused is then returned to the grid, where it is stored for use by the utility company.

Caplor Energy recognises that generally, perception of having solar panels installed is skewed by the potential cost, but is keen to educate businesses of all sizes that technology has been advancing in green energy at a lightening pace, and costs have come down significantly in recent years. The investment more than pays for itself providing an average return on investment of around 12-16%.

Caplor Energy also believes strongly in investing in the community; rather than focussing on profit, it instead concentrates on social, environmental and economic aims in order to reduce the volume of emissions, and replace with renewable energy sources, which is why the Shropshire-based Eco Save UK seems like a natural partnership. 

Both Eco Save UK and Caplor Energy have what some might see as an unusual business ethic, in that they both have a passion for giving to the community and the environment rather than simply making a profit. Eco Save UK is registered as a Community Interest Company, meaning that they are a non-profit company. Any profits made by Eco Save UK are invested back into local good causes and charities.

Specialising in LED lighting and energy purchasing, Eco Save UK strive to save their customers money with green energy initiatives and numerous alternative strategies through several other energy efficient technologies. LED lighting can save between 50%-75% of traditional lighting, as well as drastically reducing the impact of CO2 emissions – a cause that has always been at the heart of Caplor Energy.

In line with their cause, Eco Save UK offer a self-funding finance option where monthly savings pay for LED Lighting, as well as a local grant offering up to 40% towards the LED Lighting subject to terms and eligibility. Due to their ability to purchase energy up to 2 years in advance, Eco Save UK have already saved their customers thousands of pounds by keeping up with current trends in the energy market, and monitoring prices on a daily basis. Customers can choose from green, mixed, and brown tariffs, which accommodates all business tariffs, across all suppliers. They also offer group purchasing schemes, as well as a unique reverse tender option that all but guarantees the best price.

As with Caplor Energy, Eco Save UK seeks to clean up the energy procurement market, through providing transparency in what they offer, and through educating energy providers and the wider business community about sustainable methods.

Within the partnership, customers can expect a professional service, with the experience and knowledge of two highly respected green energy experts. Along with the key benefits of becoming self-sufficient for electricity, saving on energy bills, and helping to save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, customers can be assured of receiving a free site survey, and a full, honest analysis of energy requirements in order to give the best possible, tailor made system.




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