Solar Farm Developer offers Early Access to the Largest Pipeline of Solar Projects in the US

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For the past couple of years, a leading Utility Scale Solar Farm Developer in the US (ISS), has implemented, what many consider to be, the largest and most aggressive pipeline of Solar Farms Projects in the Western Hemisphere.

This developer has over 120 Solar Farm Projects, active in development, in over 17 states. These projects have a projected power generation of over 5.5 GWac.  Among these 120+ Solar Projects, there are some "Crown Jewels" with extremely high PPA's waiting to be pre-purchased by a lucky partner.

It will, of course, take more than luck in acquiring the 'Crown Jewel' of these Solar Farms. What it takes is access to and investment in this pipeline of Solar Projects. This will result in the rights to acquire Solar Projects out of this pipeline.  And that is exactly the attractive offer this Solar Developer is offering.  Don't delay as this offer will not last as many large clients worldwide are examining these solar farm investments and this offer as this release goes out.

Having undergone such growth and success, this Solar Developer is seeking strategic and financial partners in order to further develop these Solar Projects to a point of sale and long term ownership. This partner will be granted access to these Solar Projects, and will have the opportunity to acquire rights to Solar Projects before they hit the market or are offered to the Solar Developer's current clients. 


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