Urban Grid completes 2,140 kW Solar Energy Systems in Allegany County, MD

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Urban Grid Holdings, LLC (Urban Grid), a leading developer and financier of solar projects throughout the United States, is pleased to announce the completion of two solar installations for Allegany County, Maryland totaling 2.14 MW.

The two solar arrays, which consist of 6,688 solar panels, are expected to produce 2,736,000 kWh of electricity in its first year of operation. This energy is equivalent to offsetting the CO2 emissions from 229,119 gallons of gasoline consumed or 220 homes’ energy use for each year.

Urban Grid developed and financed the projects through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement with the County. While the project will offset Allegany County’s energy consumption and provide a price hedge against potentially volatile energy prices, it will also contribute to Maryland’s renewable portfolio standard. With these projects, the County is showcasing a commitment to fiscal responsibility and an investment in continued growth of renewable energy resources in the State.
“The County began the process of evaluating a long-term partnership with a solar firm back in the fall of 2014 and issued a Request for Proposals in the summer of 2015.

The County was pleased to select and work with Urban Grid and their contractors to get the PPG and Darrows Lane sites completed and online this year. With the construction of the two, 1 megawatt solar arrays, the County will benefit and realize long-term savings for the cost of operating its wastewater treatment facilities.” said Jake Shade, President of the Board of County Commissioners.

“It was a great pleasure working with Allegany County to bring these clean, renewable energy projects from concept to successful operation. With the completion of these two projects, the County has embraced the idea that solar power is not only a sustainable alternative to traditional energy generation, but also a way to save money on ongoing operational expenses,” stated Frank DePew, President and CEO of Urban Grid. “We were happy to be able to bring these installations to a successful completion.


Urban Grid Holdings, LLC is a leading developer and financier of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects throughout the United States. Urban Grid specializes in providing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for projects ranging from 1 MW – 10MW for commercial, educational, government, utility and non-profit organizations and is committed to developing high-quality solar projects designed to generate consistent performance and predictable returns. Urban Grid is headquartered in Stevensville, MD.


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