Introducing the New SL-75 Solar Marine Lantern - the Brightest and Most Compact 3-5NM Lantern Available, With Convenient Remote Programming Via Your Phone or Tablet

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Sealite is pleased to introduce the new SL-75 3-5NM Solar Marine Lantern with Bluetooth® connectivity.

The SL-75 is the most innovative, compact 3-5NM solar marine lantern available in the market today, and incorporates GPS synchronisation, GSM monitoring and Bluetooth® connectivity.

The New SL-75 Solar Marine Lantern - The brightest and most compact 3-5NM Lantern available, with convenient remote programming via your phone or tablet. 

When the SL-75 Solar Marine Lantern is paired with the new SealitePro(TM) mobile application, users can configure and perform maintenance checks using a phone or tablet. Maintenance tasks are easier and quicker than ever before as many tasks can be performed at the touch of a button from the safety of the vessel. 

Designed and manufactured in-house, the innovative SL-75 lantern has advanced control features and is built from impact resistant polycarbonate with 3 mounting options. The SL-75 boasts dual high performance solar modules tilted for maximum sunlight capture, delivering up to 40% more solar collection than a horizontal solar module.

When the SL-75 is paired with the new SealitePro™ mobile application, users can configure and perform maintenance checks using a phone or tablet. With the touch of a button, a host of advanced features are available, including; the ability to provide a unique lantern name, setting of a security PIN, custom flash character, intensity calculation and hibernation mode. Once configured, the user can then verify the lantern's optimal performance from a specific location, via the exclusive in-built Sealite Solar Calculator.

Once installed time savings for maintenance work are maximised as diagnostics can be interrogated via the mobile device. Risk to maintenance personnel is greatly reduced as many tasks can be performed from the safety of a vessel or without the need to climb structures.

The SealitePro™ application is available for Android 4.4 phones and tablets which are Bluetooth® 4.0 enabled.

We believe technology improves navigation™

Sealite is a global manufacturer of marine aids to navigation. The company is headquartered in Australia, with manufacturing and office locations in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Sealite team is dedicated to servicing the marine industry through the efficient design and production of leading-edge products. Through close working relationships, maritime authorities and private customers around the globe now trust Sealite to enhance the safety of their operations. Sealite is committed to being environmentally responsible by providing clean, green, renewable energy sources with a minimal environmental footprint.


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