TANGEDCO 1500 MW Tender - Atha Group wins 200 MW of Solar power bid


Atha Group (NVR) is pleased to announce that they have won the bid to supply 200MW of solar power to TANGEDCO. Group Companies – Narbheram Vishram and NVR Energy Pvt. Ltd under Atha Group will setup 100MW plant each.

 Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) had recently invited tenders to supply solar power of 1500 MW. Among several other companies, the winning bid was awarded to Narbheram Vishram and NVR Energy Pvt. Ltd, two Group companies under Kolkata-based Atha Group by quoting Rs. 3.47 per unit.

The quoted rate of Rs 3.47 per unit is one of the lowest for supplying solar power in the state of Tamil Nadu. As per the officials of TANGEDCO,many established players and NLC participated in this tender and the quoted rates are unprecedented for the entire power sector. The rates which were quoted varied from Rs 4 per unit to Rs 3.47 per unit. 

Solar Energy is on its way to become one of the main source of power in India. Both NarbheramVishram and NVR Energy Pvt. Ltd are committed to supplying solar power and renewable energy at the most economical rates, and are working towards the goal of a clean and green India.

These two divisions have had proven track record of setting up and developing 200 MW of Solar and Wind power. The group has plans to reach 1 GW capacity and contribute to the Prime Minister’s Green Energy Mission. The Group has solar plants in the state of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Teleangana.



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