SolarXXL discloses new markets in South America

South America

SolarXXL is an already well known and successful company for photovoltaics in Europe.

Now they are taking the next big step as they are reaching out for Latin America.

There will be a branch in Peru as well as one in Colombia, both opening in early 2017. One of the main decisions for those venues is the weather and the vicinity to the equator. Both together are the perfect combination for photovoltaics in general and a good base for persuading customers of the technology.

Of course the whole expansion is no shot in the dark.People and companies in South America in general, are more than interested in photovoltaics. Especially off-grid applications are a huge topics as the electricity grid isn´t the best in some parts of South America and there are even spots completely without electricity.

Those places are now powered with huge, loud diesel generators which aren´t too environmental friendly on the one hand and quite expensive on the long term on the other hand. Based on those problems you can find some custom solutions in the program of SolarXXL.

Speaking of those solutions, you have the Spectravolt hybrid set. This device can be powered by up to 200 watts of solar power and is designed to recover old lead batteries with the help of an integrated lithium battery.  Of course the hybrid set isn´t the cheapest solar device you can buy, but the possibility to recover old batteries is very interesting in those parts of the country where the people have to double check any investment.

With innovative products like this and some big projects in the making you should keep an eye on SolarXXL as one of the most promising companies for solar products on the latin american continent. To back up allegations like they have already signed contracts with an volume of over 40 megawatt and more for the next three years.




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