The speed at which PV market is growing has introduced new challenges in the management of the electricity system. The enormous potential of solar PV and its various beneficial attributes is majorly driving the market for the same. Thus, PV is playing a vital role in the power/energy system. The PV market is likely to continue to register growth in the APAC region primarily in China and Japan. PV systems are helping in delivering clean, safe, affordable, and decentralized electricity to people.

The photovoltaics market is expected to grow from $89.52 billion in 2013 to $345.59 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 18.30% between 2014 and 2020. The photovoltaic market is growing rapidly in many segments and applications due to various reasons such as their environmental friendly attributes, minimum maintenance, and cost saving. The major market players are investing heavily in PV technology. Furthermore, many governments are also providing various incentives and funding to this market.

APAC holds the largest share in the photovoltaic market and has been identified as the fastest growing region, with India, China and Japan occupying the major market share. The competitive landscape of the market presents valuable insights about the players in the photovoltaics market. The event will also focus on the existing and new emerging players in the market and further explains their business overview, product portfolio, recent developments, and the key strategies adopted while discussing numerous collaborations and partnership agreements across the value chain between tier-one companies.

India is also working on a plan for making domestic manufacturing of solar power generation equipment competitive vis-à-vis other countries. As part of this strategy, the National Democratic Alliance government plans to come out with a policy to promote manufacturing of the entire range of solar power generation equipment in the country.

This event will discuss various market trends, drivers, and challenges with respect to the global photovoltaics market and it’s impact on India. The event will also focus on forecasts the market till 2020, based on components, types, applications, and geography. The event will also provide a bird’s eye-view of the recent technology trends in the solar module industry and while engaging the attendees in an engaging debate with references to practical solutions & ideas.

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Key Features

An Event Designed Keeping In Mind The Industry's Growing Needs. A Unique Business Driven Event That You Can Not Miss! 

  • hideBiggest Gathering Of EPCs & Developers For Module Procurement.
  • hideThe Only Global Event Focussed On Module Manufacturing In India.
  • hideBusiness-Driven Event With One-To-One Industry Business Meets.

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