The cost of solar panels has greatly reduced in recent years. These days, solar panels are priced anywhere from under a hundred dollars to upwards of five hundred dollars each; depending on various factors.

Discussing Most Relevant Decision Making Criteria & Understand Key Global Trends While Procuring Solar Modules!

It’s very important when selecting the best solar panels to use for your solar power system installation to bear in mind a few crucial factors aside from the price tag. After all, your purchase decision is one you’ll be living with for a very long time and it should provide you with a good return on your investment.

However, choosing solar panels on price alone is not wise, as what you select may not fit the area you wish to install it, or the brand/model may not have the necessary certifications to qualify for government rebates. The modules may not provide the best performance to help ensure economic payback of the power produced, or a solid warranty from a well-established company.

In addition to cost, when choosing the best solar panel for your installation situation, it is important to consider both how it is manufactured and what materials are used.

Today, project developers and owners are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of the solar modules and pay higher attention to the controls in each stage of the manufacturing process along with the raw materials used. Similarly module companies invest heavily in research and development, use advanced robotic processes and use the purest/best grade of silicon to produce solar cells.

However, despite the existing “Tier” rankings, it’s important to understand not all claiming to be Tier rankers are equal. Quality can vary greatly between manufacturers, so this should only be an aspect of due diligence when searching for the best solar panels for your needs.

Focusing On Technology Evaluation, Lifetime Value, Pricing Trends, Procurement Challenges, Smart Modules & Lots More.

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As not all module manufacturers are equal and there are a variety of other factors that should influence your purchase decision rather than focusing solely on cost.

This event will discuss in depth the various major points you should bear in mind when buying solar panels aside from cost such as how the module is manufactured and the materials used, how the panels perform in real world situations – including positive tolerance, temperature co-efficient rating, PID and LID resistance and efficiency, comparing the warranty details of the solar panels you are considering buying and learning more about the company that manufactures the modules.


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Key Features

An Event Designed Keeping In Mind The Industry's Growing Needs. A Unique Business Driven Event That You Can Not Miss! 

  • hideBiggest Gathering Of EPCs & Developers For Module Procurement.
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