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India's Biggest Event For The Solar Structure & Mounting Industry Is Here!

While the energy prices in India are climbing, supply, although growing, but is not keeping pace with the demand. Solar is an burgeoning industry, where customer is working on the energy economics based on his requirements and driving the sector growth thus creating RE as a “favourable option” for everyone. Continuous reduction in the solar system prices with respect to higher grid rates is resulting in increasing global demand for solar solutions and thus leading to its rapid growth. Solar is undeniable the future and a leading source of renewable energy.

Mounting Structures' Design, Quality and Technology Impact the Long Term Sustainability And Profitability Of Your Solar Projects. 

While designing the plant layout it is equally optimizing the cable size, length and as well as structure used for the plant. Module structures today are growing in their flexibility and modularity. The solar mounting structure industry is evolving rapidly to cater to a growing variety of projects of varying size and types in utility, rooftop and off-grid segments projects.

Designed & Engineered To Last!

Utility Scale Structures Market

Utility scale solar support  and thermal collection systems have stringent specifications and construction schedules that require innovative approaches to creating large-scale ground mounted arrays. Developing a utility scale solar array is a very complicated and lengthy process, and the requirements are variable depending on the utility involved, the specific state and county of the development, and the circumstances of the development.

Solar panels work best when they receive shade free sunlight for maximum number of hours, mounted at precise tilt angle with face directed towards the south. This is where solar panel mounting structures comes into the picture. These structures help panels to rest comfortably, prevent from being damaged and more importantly position them at precise tilt angle to harness maximum sun’s energy. Mounting structures can be made for rooftops, ground mounting, carports and sun tracker solutions which now have seen a lot of developments in terms of weight, material, adaptability and ease of installation. There have been many technological innovations that have led to reduced cost, faster and better installation, high durability and with enhanced output.

When properly designed and installed, solar power systems are extremely reliable. There are several ways to mount solar panels according to the space availability and to maximize energy production.

Rooftop Structures Market

Rooftop solar installations can be mounted on the roofs of residences, commercial buildings, and accessory structures, such as garages and sheds. The solar panels are mounted on specially-designed racks to secure them in place, according to structural and safety requirements.

Structural integrity is of paramount importance. Just like any other component of a building, solar systems must be structurally sound and secure. Numerous problems can result if systems are poorly attached to the structure or if the building is not able to withstand the weight of the system. While solar panels are not very heavy, they add a load to the rafters that support the roof of the building. When loaded by wind, with snow piled on top of them, or with people standing on the roof near them, this load is increased dramatically. It is therefore imperative that the roof be strong enough to hold this increased load. Snow loads vary dramatically, and it is important that solar systems be designed with the ground snow load of the relevant jurisdiction in mind. Solar systems are generally designed to withstand 90 mile per hour and higher winds.

With a rooftop and off-grid market expanding at a break-neck speed in India, this market segment is key for future growth of the mounting structure industry in India.

Solar Trackers Market

The global solar tracker market is expected to reach 26.77 GW installed capacity by 2025. Rising demand for renewable energy in developing countries is expected to drive demand for the solar tracker. The product exhibits the ability to generate electricity in the same amount of space needed for fixed-tilt systems which make them an ideal product for optimum land usage. Solar trackers have the ability to increase the direct exposure by around 20% - 30% as they improve the precision in sunlight tracking. The major restraining factor is the high costs involved in the installation of solar trackers.

Solar PV is the largest segment in the market growing at CAGR of over 18% in terms of capacity from 2016 to 2024 on account of simplicity in design and cost-effectiveness of the technology. The demand for single & dual axis trackers is expected to grow rapidly at a CAGR of 18.7% from 2016 to 2024. The demand is driven by their ability follow the sun both horizontally and vertically. The demand from utility application is expected to grow at a significant CAGR reaching over 23.84 GW in 2025. These trackers are majorly used in wide areas, and therefore, it is more favorable to install them for large scale projects.

Key Highlights Of The Event

  • What was and will be the market size of various mounting technolgies?
  • What segment and region will drive the market growth and why?
  • Comprehensive outlook & mapping of competitive landscape and market behaviour.
  • Designing and technology insights for India's rapidly booming utility and rooftop segments.
  • What are the strategies adopted and what is the impact on sectors growth? 

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