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Solar Storage Show India

India's Biggest Buyer-Seller Forum For Solar Energy Storage Solution Companies

Several energy storage projects that were under construction early in the year reached commercial operation in 3Q 2017. New projects are being announced on a routine basis, and the global energy storage industry is continuing to explore different business cases that make energy storage systems (ESSs) profitable. Innovative applications like renewables integration and behind-the-meter (BTM) systems are becoming economically attractive, resulting in new geographic markets continuing to open up.

The growing demand for clean, reliable and low cost energy is putting ageing electricity-grids under increasing levels of pressure. Electricity networks were constructed with limited maximum capacities which, in some cases, have already been reached. Furthermore, they were intended to function with conventional generators that operate at a predictable level; however, the energy mix is now diversifying as fluctuating renewable generators have become cost competitive to these traditional sources.

The reliability of the grid is decreasing due to these instabilities, and electrical blackouts are becoming an increasing threat. Whilst upgrading and extending electricity grids are a possibility for some utilities, this can often be extremely costly and impracticable. As a result, energy storage solutions are being developed to manage the impact of changes in the electricity industry. In addition to solving these issues, storage also has the potential to increase the financial gain of the operator in some grid-connected applications, and enable huge advances in micro-grid applications where storage is a necessity.

According to recent reports, lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries remain the leading form of storage for new projects worldwide, accounting for 83.0% of newly announced ESS capacity storage through 3Q 2016 (excluding pumped hydro storage). Li-ion batteries are the most popular technology for the growing distributed energy storage system (DESS) and BTM market segments. Also notable within the market is the increase in announced projects utilizing flow batteries and hybrid battery systems. Hybrid systems are advantageous in that they can provide multiple services to the grid based on dynamic conditions and specific requirements. While market activity has picked up in a number of regions during 2017, North America remains the largest market for newly announced ESSs. An estimated 1,997.3 MW of new ESSs have been announced worldwide in 2017 so far, with approximately 15.8% coming from North America.


With India growing as a key market for solar storage solutions in the rooftop & off-grid market, the Solar Storage Show will provide an excellent platform for the industry to showcase its innovations and meet new business partners and clients!


Key Highlights Of The Event

  • What are the business cases for grid-connected energy storage? Will these be driven by regulations/policies mandating storage or by the promise of financial benefits to the energy storage system owner?

  • What are the regulations/policies mandating grid-connected energy storage and where are these likely to be introduced?

  • Who will deploy energy storage systems and will own them? Who will receive the benefits?

  • What services can an energy storage solution provide in a grid-connected application and which grid interconnection locations will require these functions and therefore drive deployment?

  • How much energy storage will be installed in each key region?

  • What storage technologies will be installed in grid-connected applications?

  • What are the barriers for the adoption of grid-connected energy storage? 

Limited Seats Available! Book Your Seats Now!