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Over the course of the past year, the solar PV balance of system (BOS) market has gained considerable attention as the next lever in driving down installed systems costs. In 2008, 67 percent of an average project’s total cost was in the PV module, but today, thanks to an industry sea change, 68 percent of total cost resides in BOS, which includes a variety of structural and electrical components, labor and soft costs.

Given this new solar world order, the step-function reductions needed to help solar power deliver energy at or below costs of other generation sources will come from BOS technologies and efficiencies over the next four years. As a result, BOS manufacturers around the globe are being squeezed as the market landscape becomes more crowded.

The event will witness exciting discussions and debates regarding the current as well as future aspects of the Utility Scale & Rooftop Scale Solar PV BoS Market based upon factors such as technology, market dynamics, key ongoing trends and segmentation analysis. Apart from the above elements, event will also provide a 360-degree view of the Solar PV BoS industry with geographic segmentation, statistical forecast and the competitive landscape.

An Agenda Designed Especially For India’s Leading Procurement And Technology Teams Of Project Developers, EPC Firms and Investors


09.30 - 09.45

Opening Remarks

09.45 - 10.00

Presentation 1: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot

10.00 - 10.15

Presentation 2: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot

10.15 - 10.45

BoS Market Outlook India: Developers & EPC Perspective

Where Are The Primary Expectations From The BoS Industry - EPC & Developers Perspective

Impact of BoS Costs and Quality on Total Solar Project Lifetime Value - Critical Areas In Designing For 25 years

Need For An Effective After Sales Support & Service From BoS Service Providers

Dealing With Long Term Technology Obsolescence In The BoS Industry: Business Strategy

Challenges In Building & Managing A Global Supply Chain


Networking Tea Break


Session 2 A - Inverter Technology For Utility Scale Projects

Session 2 B - Structure & Mounting Systems For Rooftop Solar Projects


Presentation 3: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot

Presentation 5: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot


Presentation 4: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot

Presentation 6: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot


Recent Technology Trends In The Inverter Industry

Price Trends For Current And Next Fiscal

Demand-Supply Trends In The Indian Inverter Industry

Warranties, Guaranties and Spares Management For Solar Inverters: Life-cycle Management

Key Procurement Challenges From International Manufacturers

Designing Effective Structures For Distributed Projects: Building For 25 Years

Lowering Structures Costs Vs Increasing Quality: Innovations In Rooftop Solar Structures

Managing Supply Chain & Logistics for a Variety of Project Types and Sizes

Learning From Some Case Studies


Session 3 A - Advanced Inverters, Storage, Electricals & Electronics For Utility Solar

Session 3 B - Inverter & Storage Technology For Rooftop Solar Systems


Presentation 7: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot

Presentation 9: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot - Electricals/ Electronic/ Grid Integration


Presentation 8: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot

Presentation 10: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot - Electricals/ Electronic/ Grid Integration

12.30- 13.15

Key Trends & Features Of Advanced & Smart Inverter Technologies

Techno-Economic Evaluation Of Storage & Battery Technology

Selecting The Right Electrical & Electronics BoS Systems

Managing Project Losses Through Right Designing

Key Criterion For technology Evaluation

Selecting Right Inverters For Rooftop Projects - Size & Scalability Issues

Techno-Economic Evaluation Of Available Inverter Technologies

Techno-Economic Evaluation Of Storage & Battery Technology

Smart Monitoring Systems In Rooftop Inverter Industry

Addressing Key Grid Integration Issues & Challenges


Session 4 A - Structures, Trackers & Mounting Systems  For Utility Solar

Session 4 B - Electricals, Power Electronics & Metering For Roofotp Solar


Presentation 11: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot

Presentation 13: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot - Electricals/ Electronic/ Grid Integration


Presentation 12: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot

Presentation 14: Technology/ Business Presentation Slot - Electricals/ Electronic/ Grid Integration

13.45 - 14.30

Structure & Tracking Systems - Key Technology Trends

Techno-Economic Evaluation Of Tracking Systems

Cost Trends For Mounting Structures In The Next Year

Designing Effective Mounting Structures & Trackers: Building For 25 Years

Metering System Technologies For Rooftop Solar Projects

Designing Effective Electrical Systems - Managing Rough Conditions Through Innovation

Cost Effective Solutions For Rooftop Solar Industry & Minimising Power Losses

14.30 - 15.30

Networking Lunch Break

15.30 - 19.00

Buyers - Sellers BoS Procurement Meet (Round Table Discussions)


Cocktails & Dinner


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