We have won bid for 186 MW of solar out of which we expect 62 MW of project to be commissioned this financial year

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In conversation with Mr. Sunil Singh,Mr. Sunil Singh,CEO (Renewable Division), OPG Group

Let’s start with the recent developments at your organisation in last one year.

We have won bid for 186 MW of solar out of which we expect 62 MW of project to be commissioned this financial year  

As a developer, what key challenges do you face today? 

No proper co-ordination between different government agencies though they try their best. The Reason for that is that every department is governed by their own sets of regulations and henceforth the differences ,  The bidding in the solar park also varies from state to state in terms of pricing  size and nature which gets more complicated with the fact that the terms and conditions are one sided which is in the favour of  sponsor 's of the bid or may be off taker  , for example the developer guarantees can be forfeited for the reasons attributed to them but no accountability from the buyers side for the delay caused by them or attributable to them , the anti competitive and exploitation  of the dominant position should be stopped . We should move towards international practice. 

The other challenges which the developers are facing are off takers not adhering to terms and conditions of the RFQ"S and the PPA after commissioning of the project.     

Which states do you believe lead see maximum solar energy investments this year?

South Indian states but Uttar Pradesh can spring surprise, as it’s a power hungry state. the party which is ruling the central government and the state government are the same so it would not be a surprise that there would be a major thrust and interestingly the recent statement by the honourable energy minister of the federal government that Varanasi would be the first city in the world to be fully powered by the renewable sources  

As the assets become older, will aggressive bidding today become a pain point for the industry a few years down the line? 

Well if you see the recent bidding too much speculation is going there , till the time its falling in right place one is a winner but at the end gambling is dangerous  history is a precedent for this - the coal based power sector has gone through this cycle and if it continues like this there is lot of pain to be borne as once solar plant is built it's  is casting in the stone nothing can be changed except the interest cost,  small unprecedented events like  solar radiation not up to the mark, natural calamity, interest rate for any reason going north, DISCOMS delay, transmission line etc can have a catastrophic  impact.

What are the milestones you wish to achieve by the end of this fiscal?  

We would first Finish our 62 MW and create value to my investors and stake holders - We as a company don't believe in capacity building rather we emphasise on self sustainable profitable model  

Anything else you would like to add for our readers. 

Solar is going to change the energy  spectrum and there are ample opportunities going to come  in future if the industry exercises discipline and restrain, It’s like the 5 day cricket game where it’s important to remain on the pitch and for sure you will get balls to score runs and win the match as a company and developer.


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