Israel Receives 11 Bids For Its Solar Power Plant


The Finance Ministry of Israel said that it has received 11 bids in total to finance, build and operate a 300 MW solar-powered electricity production plant and storage farm in the southern part of the country.

This project will be built in Dimona for both the public and private. The plant will be the largest solar power plant in the country and one of the largest in the entire world.

The selected developer will be responsible for planning, financing, building, and operating the solar power plant.

By the end of 2024, construction is expected to be completed and the use of fuels that pollute will be reduced.

In the coming 3 months, the tender committee will complete the process of bidding.

The latest tender is part of a series of solar farms being developed, as the Energy Ministry seeks more solar production and storage to meet government targets of 30% of the total energy production from renewable sources by 2030.

All the bids included countries including the United States, Norway, Spain, and France.

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