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In Talks With Harshal Akhouri, Co-Founder, Strolar Mounting Systems Pvt. Ltd.


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1. Strolar is a premier mounting systems company, please give us a brief background of the company’s evolution.

Back in 2013, the mounting solutions deployed in India were expensive and catered to the expensive manpower of the international market. We knew we had to close this gap as India needed low cost solutions and being the 2nd largest population, manpower added to India’s strength. This is how Strolar was conceived. Our products were accepted by the industry and in no time Strolar grew from a 5 to 65 people company, focusing on intelligent tracking systems.

2. What are the types of rooftop mounting products that Strolar provides?

Strolar provides solutions for all roof types, ranging from a tin shed to a tiled roof, from ballasted RCC to shingle roofs, from elevated residential canopies to customised roofings. Strolar has been India’s leader in rooftop for consecutive 3 years, with supplies of more than 1.1 GW in India and overseas.

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3. Please tell our readers about the carport solutions Strolar provides.

In 2015, Strolar set up their first carport for DMRC and hasn’t looked back ever since. Strolar has been a part of the largest installed carports and is a leading carport solution provider in India for frameless, framed or bifacial modules.

4. How are your ground mount products unique and what are their key highlights?

Ground Mounts are practically the same in India, Strolar has the market reputation of providing cost effective ground mounts utilising their in-house design team. With the advent of larger modules, we will soon be launching a new series of purlins that are universal for all modules without increasing the cost.

5. What have been some major projects executed by your esteemed company?

Strolar has been a forerunner with monumental achievements in projects we have executed.

• 2.5 MW on Railway Tracks for AMP Solar at KMRL

• 20 MW Carport for KEC at MSIL

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• 75 MW Largest Bifacial Ground Mount Plant in India for Prozeal Infra

• 14.1 MW rooftop plant for AMP Solar at Volkswagen

6. What have been some recent updates of your company that you would like to talk about?

With the successful stints in Africa, the Middle East and ASEAN region, Strolar is focusing on expanding its services in the region including Europe. The product offering will be different from that of India and will be released in Q12022. India’s product range will also see a diversification, which we will be releasing in our upcoming newsletters.

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