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Let’s Take MAX 100 To 125 KW Series, For Example, The MPPT Current Of Which Is 32A While Many Of The Competitor’s Products Are Of 26A or 30A: Ivan Xie, Sales Manager, Africa – Growatt New Energy


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SolarQuarter Africa magazine had an exclusive interview with Ivan Xie – Sales Manager, Africa – Growatt New Energy, and learned about the company’s Africa operations and the significant role plays in it. He gave us interesting insights about Growatt’s large commercial and utility inverters and also the specialties of their rooftop inverters. We also got a sneak peek into their next year’s product plans.


How are Growatt’s Africa operations faring so far this year?

Though the detailed data is not yet ready, we have attained a strong presence in South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, etc. Now we have warehouse in South Africa and soon there will be our local subsidiary which will greatly enhance our local service. The next steps will be setting up a warehouse and office in Nigeria depending on the market development.

Tell us about how R&D plays a very important role for Growatt. How does Growatt focus on the same?

Dedicated to technology and product innovations, Growatt invests heavily in research and development. The R&D team at Growatt has more than 400 professional engineers. Growatt has received ‘All Quality Matters’ awards by TÜV Rheinland for its commercial and industrial (C&I) inverter – MAX series and residential storage battery – ARK series, both of which achieve first-rate performance in the organization’s PVE Test Program.

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Please tell us about the key highlights of your large commercial and utility inverters.

Let’s take the MAX 50-80 KW and MAX 185-253 KW for example:

  1. MAX 50-80K   
  • · 6 /7MPPTs
  • · Smart diagnosis
  • · High efficiency up to 99%
  • · Local WIFI configuration
  • · String monitoring
  • · AC&DC type II SPD
  • · AFCI protection
  • · Data storage up to 25 years
  • · DC side 2 in 1 connection
  • 2. MAX 185-253K 
  • · Up to 15 MPPTs, fuse free design
  • · MAX efficiency 99%, high yield
  • · Smart I/V scan and diagnosis
  • · Intelligent string monitoring
  • · DC side 2 in 1 connection enabled
  • · Optional Anti-PID/Night SVG/AFCI function
  • · Data storage up to 25 years
  • How do your commercial rooftop inverters stand out with respect to competition?

Thanks to the Growatt RD team, we have a good product for customers. Let’s take MAX 100 to 125 KW series, for example, the MPPT current of which is 32A while many of the competitor’s products are of 26A or 30A. This allows more flexible string configuration. And the weight of this model is 84KG, while some of the other products are over 90KG. The compact and light design brings convenience for installers. 

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And certainly, the product does not mean everything, Growatt has built strong and experienced local teams in key solar markets with an extensive service network of 22 offices worldwide. We are committed to providing comprehensive and professional training, as well as timely service to all our global partners.

Growatt is one of the top 10 inverter brands according to IHS Markit. Please tell us about the major awards and accolades won by your esteemed company.

There are quite a lot. Here are some new records in 2021:

What products have you launched this year and what are your upcoming products?

In 2021 we have launched on-grid products such as MIN 2500-6000 TL-XH, MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH, off-grid product SPF 3000T HVM-G2, and solar pump product SPI 750~4000TL2-HV.

And in 2022 there will be more products for the African market such as new 3/5kw 1-phase off-grid,  8/10kw 1-phase hybrid, 63/100kw hybrid. All of these are high-frequency models which focus on energy storage or backup. 

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