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Property Perfect Joins Hands With Partners To Enter Clean Energy Business 

Property Perfect Joins Hands With Partners To Enter Clean Energy Business 

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Property Perfect enters the clean energy business and joins hands with “SCG Roofing” and “Evelomo” to enter the business of Solar rooftop and home electric vehicle chargers. Starting from the installation of detached houses in the project with plans to expand to those interested in both the project and neighboring communities, with “Siam Commercial Bank” cooperating to offer special financing offers and joining hands with “Nong Nooch Tropical Garden” to enhance the garden design, bringing the concept of a world-class garden to decorate the garden in the project and in the house.

Mr. Wongsakorn Prasitwiphat, Managing Director of Property Perfect Public Company Limited, revealed that the use of clean energy has a strong growth trend. Both from the demand of consumers who are more interested in using clean energy and the various departments has the policy to promote and support. Therefore, the company plans to expand into clean energy-related businesses such as “Solar Rooftop Installation and Home Electric Vehicle Charger Business” to support the needs of customers. The important thing is Participation in driving clean energy use Raise living standards to be an energy-saving community and a sustainable environment.

He added, “The Company has entered into a business alliance with SCG Roofing Company Limited to penetrate the solar rooftop market. Install a solar power generation system on the roof and cooperate with Eve Lomo Technologies Co., Ltd. to install electric vehicle chargers in the home. Starting from the installation of a new detached house in high-end projects under the brand “Perfect Masterpiece and Lake Legend” and aiming to expand to general customers covering the whole house project of Property Perfect, including nearby communities and businesses in the group of companies, including hotels, community malls, to aim to be a clean energy community together. At the same time, also received cooperation from Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited in giving a special financial offer to those who are interested in installing within a period of 5 Years. A target for the installation of solar rooftops of 30,000 units and 50,000 units for the installation of electric vehicle chargers in the home. This will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1 million tons CO 2.”  

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Mr. Thongchai Sophon, Head of Housing Products Business, SCG Roofing Company Limited, revealed an overview of renewable energy use, in particular, the production of electricity from solar power has great potential for growth. Important factors besides Contribute to the use of energy that is a friendly environment already. It is also worth saving up to 60% on electricity costs. In addition, the current solar panel price has dropped to a point that is worth the investment. This allows households to install a solar roof system and is cost-effective in a shorter period of time. 

He said, “For Property Perfect in the past, SCG Green Choice products have been selected that are environmentally friendly. and innovation for living by SCG that saves energy This cooperation In addition to joining together to be a part of driving the widespread use of clean energy. It also responds to the needs of living according to the changing behavior of the residents. Both working at home increased. or support homes that use electric cars to charge during the day with a solar roof system that is safe, beautiful, and complete with standards of care from SCG ”

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As for the Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited, Mr. Sutheeraphan Sakrawat, Executive Vice President Chief Marketing Officer said, “The clean energy business is in line with the goals of Siam Commercial Bank in supporting businesses and customers to move towards a low-carbon economy-society including achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions targets ( Net-Zero), which is an issue that is a global concern at the moment.”

“In this regard, connecting the potential of partners in various industries. It is a key strategy of the Bank and we are extremely proud to have the opportunity from Property Perfect to join the alliance to support clean energy. With special financing offers such as Green Finance loans that SCB offers to customers Property Perfect is a home loan with a special interest rate, that comes with a loan for installing a solar roof, with the Solar roof interest rate being the same rate as a home loan, ” said Mr. Sutheeraphan.

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