Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Invites Bids for 17.25 MW Solar PV Projects

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In a significant move towards harnessing clean and renewable energy sources, Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd (UJVN Ltd), based in Dehradun, has initiated an invitation for online bids for a series of solar PV projects, collectively totaling 17.25 MW. These projects aim to establish solar power plants that will not only generate green electricity but also make substantial contributions to the region’s energy requirements.


UJVN Ltd is actively seeking bids from interested parties for the development of ground-mounted, grid-connected solar PV (photovoltaic) plants at various locations within Uttarakhand. The projects include:


7.75 MW Solar Plant in Aungi – This endeavor is focused on setting up a 7.75 MW solar power plant in the Aungi area, situated near Maneri in the Uttarkashi district. The project aligns with the state’s vision for clean and sustainable energy generation.


4 MW Solar Plant near Bhatwari – Another notable project involves the establishment of a 4.0 MW solar power plant near Bhatwari, located in Uttarakashi district. This initiative aims to further bolster Uttarakhand’s renewable energy capacity.

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4 MW Solar Plant near Dharasu HEP Chinyalisaur – This project, with its 4.0 MW solar power plant, is strategically positioned near the Dharasu Hydroelectric Power (HEP) facility in Chinyalisaur, Uttarakashi district. It is poised to contribute significantly to the region’s clean energy goals.

1.5 MW Solar Plant in Gaddha Colony – The final project targets the establishment of a 1.5 MW solar power plant at Gaddha Colony, Hathiyari, in close proximity to the Vyasi Hydroelectric Power (HEP) facility in Dehradun district. This initiative forms a crucial part of Uttarakhand’s commitment to eco-friendly power generation.

For those keen on participating in these projects, the bid documents were made available starting October 30, 2023, and can be accessed until November 28, 2023, up to 4:00 PM. These solar projects not only signify a critical step toward harnessing renewable energy in Uttarakhand but also underscore the state’s dedication to clean energy objectives. They also present a unique opportunity for businesses and organizations to actively participate in the transition towards sustainable and environmentally friendly power sources, thereby contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for Uttarakhand.

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