PVH’s YEKA-4 130MWp Solar Project in Turkey Achieves Full Panel Assembly

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The assembly of solar panels for Turkey’s YEKA-4 solar project is now complete, marking a significant milestone for PV Hardware (PVH), Turkey’s premier solar tracker supplier. With a 130MWp capacity, YEKA-4 is a pivotal part of the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources’ YEKA initiative, aimed at fostering large power generation plants based on sustainable energy sources. This initiative streamlines administrative processes for renewable energy projects, reflecting Turkey’s commitment to a sustainable energy transition. Upon connection, YEKA will contribute 10GW of solar power to Turkey’s grid by 2027, advancing the nation’s renewable energy goals.


PV Hardware (PVH) has solidified its premier status in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, largely attributed to successful collaborations with local entities. Notably, the partnership with Inojen in Turkey has played a pivotal role in this achievement. Since 2020, the synergy between the two companies has driven eight projects, creating over 200 local jobs and bolstering Turkish industrial production through adherence to domestic goods certification. PVH currently commands approximately 90% of the Turkish solar tracker manufacturing and distribution market, with a commitment to sustaining this momentum and retaining its market position.

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The YEKA-4 project is set for delivery to Ecogreen in the coming weeks, aiming for full capacity before 2024. Its completion signifies Turkey’s solar sector growth, elevating it to fifth in Europe and 12th globally for installed solar power capacity. Renewable sources, constituting over 20% of Turkey’s energy capacity, align with the Ministry of Energy’s plan to achieve 52,900 MW of solar capacity by 2035. Turkey, poised for a substantial role in global sustainable energy transition, remains a strategic sector for PVH’s continued growth in the Turkish market.


“Currently we lead the solar tracker market in Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Partnership between PVH and Inojen has been vital for this immense growth we have achieved in Turkey and remains a testament to strategic collaboration, a model which could be replicated in other regions to see similar advancement in growth”, said Alvaro Casado, Global Commercial Director at PVH.

Ali Murat Soydan, Managing Partner of Inojen, emphasized the Turkish company’s commitment to advancing the country’s energy transition and collaboration with PVH. “Our commitment to collaboration remains unwavering” added Murat Soyden, “and we anticipate the continued steps we will make together with PVH in advancing solar solutions and driving environmental development in Turkey”.

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