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How to Become A Solar + Storage + Hybrid Developer: The Right Strategy for Large Scale Portfolio Growth

17th September 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm IST

Virtual Virtual Event

For Large Scale Developers solar-plus-storage-plus-hybrid has become a forced differentiator in the industry and grid tied solar is becoming more valuable than ever, India is moving towards a solar + storage & hybrid combined future faster than before, however despite many advantages, the adoption rate of storage systems has been very low in India, which can be attributed to factors ranging from high upfront costs, lack of technology awareness, and favourable policies. The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of such a system is already economical and in this ExpertTalk we will put an action plan for solar-plus-storage & hybrid stakeholders. For the large developers in particular, storage makes the solar product more appealing to a utility by giving the flexibility and mitigating its effects on grid operations.

In this ExpertTalk , we analyse financial & business parameters of the solar+storage+ hybrid system as an increasing number of solar-plus-storage projects have been cropping up around the country, With lithium-ion prices drop lower and customers get more comfortable with storage technology, we witness how & why renewable developers must incorporate storage & hybrid into their business strategy, and deploy storage alongside PV or pursue hybrid installations. We will also throw light on why Hybrid Power Plants Are Growing Rapidly, But Are They a Good Idea?

As the promise of storage continues to evolve, developers are eager to understand how it will broaden power plant offerings, portfolio growth, small increase in cost to gain optionality later and how to  deliver energy comparable to or less expensively than a new-build fossil fuel plant.. Let’s find out why Moving into storage isn’t a choice for solar developers but a self preservation strategy. This ExpertTalk will help developers understand the simplicity , bankability and performance of a Solar + Storage & Hybrid Project.

A Must Attend for Asset Owners & Managers, Portfolio Heads, CXO’s, Founders & Directors, VP’s & Presidents, BU Heads, Corporate Strategy Teams


17th September 2020
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm IST
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Ajaz Shaikh