UK’s largest van companies’ agree to go electric

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Tesco, along with several other companies, have joined forces to implement a clean van scheme.

16 of the UK’s largest fleet companies are set to launch the Clean Van Commitment, led by Global Action Plan, to signal their promise to the environment.

They have pledged to invest £40 million in rolling out zero emission models over the next two years as part of plans to replace 18,000 diesel vans over the next decade. The Commitment also involves switching a proportion of their fleet, 2,400 vehicles, to electric by 2020.

Research from the University of Oxford and the University of Bath has shown that the total health cost to the UK from vans is £2.2 billion each year. This has created a demand for tougher regulations on transport pollution.  

Jesse Norman, Roads Minister and MP, said: “The government's Road to Zero strategy outlines its intention to lead the world in the design and manufacturing of zero emission vehicles - delivering significant environmental, health and economic benefits.”

Electric vehicles in the UK are on the rise, with 7,500 being sold in August. Just this week, Mercedes-Benz unveiled their new production car, EQC.

Bex Bolland, Head of Air Quality at Global Action Plan said:  “Today marks a significant moment for the UK’s van sector. For the first time, we know just how quickly van fleet leaders aim to adopt electric vehicles. Their collective purchasing commitments show manufacturers that demand is thriving, and will help energy sector, local authority and central government planning. These 16 fleets will pave the way for the national fleet of 4 million vans to become zero emission, significantly improving the air we all breathe.”


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