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Solar power increases to over 100 billion kilowatt hours in the EU

In 2018 solar plants in Europe are heading towardsIn 2018 solar plants in Europe are heading towardsa record level in the generation of solar power.

Yesterday (12.10.2018), solarpower exceeded the 100 billion kilowatt hour mark (2017: 21.11.2017), at anearlier point in the year than ever before, according to IWR, a Münster-based renewable energy institute. This emerges from data provided by Europeantransmission system operators and analysed by IWR.

In the ranking of European countries generating solar power in 2018 (as at:12.10.2018), Germany leads with 38.1 billion kWh, ahead of Italy with 15.6billion kWh, Spain (10.7 billion kWh) and the UK with 10.2 billion kWh. Francecomes fifth with 8.6 billion kWh, followed by Belgium (3.2 billion kWh) andGreece (2.9 billion kWh).

An IWR extrapolation indicates that in 2018 power generation from solar powerplants in EU member states is likely to rise to approximately 113 billionkilowatt hours (2017: around 104 billion kWh). In purely mathematical terms, that’s already enough to supply Portugal and Greece together withelectricity for a whole year.