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Find the rise of solar businesses in Korea on June 14

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In this year’s International Solar Energy Expo, over 230 companies from 25 countries including China, Japan, the USA, Europe and the Middle East will be participating, with more than 23,000 buyers and visitors from home and abroad. Every year, sales meetings and orders are setting new records, so this year’s exhibition is expected to be a ‘Dynamic Photovoltaic Business Market’.


Last year, companies such as REFU Elektronik, Weidmuller and Karcher from Germany, Solar Edge from Israel, Trina Solar and JA Solar from China, Big Sun Energy from Taiwan, and major Korean photovoltaic companies including STIN KOREA, NEMO ENG, GPL, SPV, HEPHZIBAH, EKOS, and SFC participated in EXPO Solar, which provides a venue for displaying the latest photovoltaic technology and trends. In the exhibition, participating companies displayed various photovoltaic solutions and technologies, making it a differentiated and specialized exhibition in the photovoltaic industry.

Furthermore, this year’s event has been advanced to June, and event attractions have been significantly increased. It will be held simultaneously with Carbon Zero Expo 2018 where you can find various carbon reduction industries to adapt to new climate systems and Energy Storage System Expo 2018(www.essexpo.co.kr) where visitors can find new solutions and products for energy storage system. The latest photovoltaic technologies and products will be displayed, as well as solutions to climate change to lead the next-generation energy industry. Additionally, solutions will be presented for greenhouse gas reduction and efficient energy management.

The Carbon Zero EXPO is the first exhibition in Korea that specializes in zero carbon technologies. Here you will find certified Korean Carbon Zero products that dramatically reduce carbon emissions throughout the entire process from manufacturing, transportation and distribution and disposal after use. In addition, numerous products will be displayed related to renewable energy such as photovoltaic panels, wind power systems, fuel cells and low carbon emission vehicles such as electric cars, various solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emission, and products for construction of zero-energy buildings. As such, the expo will contribute to the development of the domestic Carbon Zero industry.

In particular, the ‘2018 Energy Storage System Expo, which will be held concurrently with EXPO Solar 2018 as the expansion of the global energy storage system  market grows due to the expansion of renewable energy supply and the increase of electric power demand. The expo is expected to show the latest ESS technology, solutions, and products, and will give a glance of the energy mix being discussed in the global energy market to the visitors.

The 2018 EXPO Solar/PV Korea will be perceived as being the ‘Big photovoltaic event directly connected to businesses’ along with Carbon Zero Expo and ESS Expo as these 3 events will be held simultaneously. Therefore, these events are expected more than 3 times of higher synergy, and the Korean ESS Industry Development Association is going to co-organize the event so that building network between the leading ESS companies and direct business with potential clients are expected to create new business and to share the market information.

Meanwhile, the EXPO Solar 2018 Organizing Committee, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, has developed a new plan to respond more actively to recent industrial trends. Exhibitors who make an early application by April 30 for the exhibition to be held on June 14~16 at KINTEX will be granted a 10% discount on participation fees.




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