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Does Solar has a Bright Future in India?

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India is a developing country, each day Indian scientists and researchers are inventing new things to make India a better place. Alike, they introduced us to the solar energy it is the most refined way to fulfill our energy needs. As per research, the earth receives more than 173,000 terawatts of energy every year. Solar energy is a renewable resource, as we will never lack solar energy in our entire life. We receive solar energy from the sun and the sun will never die or get vanished. It’s also considered as an eco-friendly form of energy as it contains no pollutants.

Solar energy was used by people in medieval time they used magnifying glasses to concentrate the light emitted from the sun in form of beams so that it would cause wood to catch fire easily.

Solar energy is converted into two forms:

1.     Heat Energy

2.     Electric energy

India has a very bright future if it uses solar energy in the right way and gets maximum output. Solar has already come up in various parts of India, but still, there is a very big need and the high possibility of it in the country to make it even greater. Solar power is fantastic for India.

Why solar has bright future in India?

1.India has the highest number of sunny days: Truly, India is really lucky to receive high volumes of solar light and energy throughout the year. Usage of solar will be effective in resolving energy crisis occurring in many areas of the country. Sometimes grid does fail to reach the country’s land, but the sun never.

2. Village areas of India: In India, the Villages have a huge chunk of houses accommodating 1.2 Billion of the population.It’s nearly impossible for the transmission grids to reach those areas. Those regions can only be made developed with the use of solar power systems. To support this initiative many international and Indian banks came forward to help, for example, the banks in the state of Assam.

3. Overgrowing demand for power: India has very limited stock of the non-renewable resources such as coal and also has a comparatively very small reserve for the natural gas, India was always finding a way to keep it energetic and solar is one of the best options that came to the mind so far. Implementing the concepts of Off-Grid houses, Hybrid power systems, Smart-grid, etc. are the major attractions in the market.

4. Realization and learning by State Governments: As Gujarat model was a successful project, and the increasing demand for solar in markets, and the most importantly the fall of prices of solar panels, have encouraging different states to get adapted to renewable energy sources. The Gujarat government is trying to implement the solar rooftop policy, to understand its appropriateness in the state. As many states are also taking various steps to go solar. As the tariff rates are interesting, and the accelerated depreciation in the solar market, is making it more tempting for the companies to set up a solar power plant in their respective areas.

5. Youth Demands for Clean Energy: As the young youth has made a high buzz for “Green Energy” the people are more inclined to solar panels.Even the entrepreneurs and businessmen are seeking Green Buildings, Solar rooftop houses, etc. for their upcoming projects and looking at the high growth of solar in markets, many entrepreneurs have started working in the field of green energy.

Thus, Solar energy has a Huge Potential in The country, and the prospects forgo solar are really bright and sunny.

What are the steps taken for adapting to Solar power?

Many new Upcoming Projects that have been planned by Indian Government are:

a) Development of Solar Parks and implanting Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects.

b) Development of PV solar Power Plants on Canal Banks/ Tops.

c) Planned to set up 300 MW of Grid-connected PV Solar Power Projects by Ministry of Defense and Para Military.

d) Implementing the scheme for setting up 1000 MW Grid- Connected to PV solar Power projects.

e) Also, Implementing the Scheme for Setting up 15000 MW Grid-connected PV Solar Power Projects.

f) Planned to set up 2000 MW Grid-connected solar power project.

g) Planned to develop various solar cities programs.

h) The idea of implementing Solar Zones in different regions of the country.

The Solar energy has a brighter future in upcoming days as it has no fuel consumption and is totally hygienic. Things happening in Solar:

Photo-voltaic Cells

They are silicone based cells, in which the junction is openly exposed to UV, IR rays that strike the P-N junction and produces the voltage differences on P type and N type equipment. In the mere future, we expect them to be used for printing on paper and fabrics.

Solar Power Tower

A tower is a collection of solar mirrors, used to generate a stream that will convert into electrical turbines. They would be highly efficient for nuclear and coal plants, and the biggest advantage of the solar tower will be that they will store heat in some liquids and will be able to operate at night also.

Solar Funnel

Using the nanotechnology, the future of solar energy is solar funnels that will capture more electricity than the present mechanism. It may take decades to be commercialization, but surely it’s a solar future.

Solar Planes

Solar Impulse, it’s the biggest future project of solar energy and one-day solar planes will fly day-and-night.

The sun provides energy and we must capture this natural resource and implement it in various sectors. If this sizzling technology will be used in an effective manner, the world will be a better place and pollution will be at the much lower rate. Also, the dependency on non-renewable resources will be reduced. India has a very Bright future if it will implement various solar projects, power plants, and solar grids, as solar energy can do something beyond imagination at a very effective price.

Author: Mr. Amit Thussu, Director, KACO new energy

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