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Solar Consultancy Service: A New Surgence In The Solar Industry

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Large number of solar organisation have mushroomed in the recent past. Although, lack ofproper technical knowledge organisations make engineering mistakes, install poor qualitysystems leading to malfunctioning of system which has raised the need gap for guidance.That is where Solar Consultancy services has become vital not just to bigger playersbut essentially for new companies to act as an educator, a catalyst to bring change orequip them with required knowledge to facilitate smooth processing, mitigating risks andsaving cost.


The solar consultancy service providers are offering engineering, consulting,transaction advisory, project management and training services with a present focus onclean energy covering the entire project life-cycle from conceptualization, commissioningto operational monitoring. With the solar- focused experienced team, the consultanciesare providing feasibility studies, design and development, construction management,O&M, performance monitoring and due diligence for solar developers and EPCs. The solarconsultancies are containing vast experience in solar structure designing, installation, theyare representing themselves as one stop shop for consulting, engineering, training andinstallation & commissioning with deep commitment to quality service.

With drastic reduction in engineering errors organizations are able to save costs by betterdesigning, getting access to highly skilled technical resources at affordable costs. The Endto End solar solution providers, ONergy Solar are also providing cutting edge consultancyservices making projects more professionally managed and win more projects fromcompetition and faster turnaround time. They offer technical expertise in cost saving inBOM and structure and reduce maintenance cost. Be it site survey and feasibility report,engineering audits, electrical, civil structural drawing, preparing market research reportsand installation & commissioning the experts work hand in hand with the organization toensure quality work alongside maintaining industry standards.

With the basic philosophy of innovation and out of the box thinking, the solar consultanciesare formed to cater to the need for state of the art design in Solar Power managed bya team of professionals from diverse backgrounds possessing expertise with in-depthunderstanding of market dynamics in solar industry to help the clients to achieve theirtargeted goals in the most efficient and cost effective way. The trend of solar consultancyhas been evolving due to the technical, designing, financial benefits they provide and theirunbiased guidance to owners and developers to ensure projects are planned, contracted,implemented and managed efficiently and effectively leveraging these consultancies tobridge the gap between advanced technology and end customers. “There is a very criticalneed to offer affordable engineering Consultancy services, solar industry is getting a badname because of sub-standard installation, lack of understanding and poor after salesservice” says Piyush Jaju, CEO, ONergy Solar.

The solar consultancies are leveraging their expertise and experience in not only developingeffective design, optimizing engineering but also in detailed technical and commercialanalysis of projects to get an accurate assessment of risks and their mitigation. Beside thegradual acceleration of solar consultancy services in the industry, the solar companies arealso soliciting partnerships for joint application of tenders as with strong credentials theyoffer to be the technical partner to meet eligibility requirements and provide completeassistance from tender submission to execution where financial investment to be frompartner on profit sharing basis and also forming partnership for financing solar OPEX Rooftop projects for sales lead generation for corporate /industries / reputed institutions.These opportunities are opening up new avenues in the solar industry to thrive on thegoal of climate smart livelihood.

Credits: ONergy Solar




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