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Ciel et Terre Floating Solar Power Frame
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Windsor, Calif., will have the largest floating solar system in the state built using Ciel et Terre's "floatovoltaic" solar racking system

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WINDSOR, Calif., May 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ciel & Terre USA (www.ciel-et-terre.net), innovators in floating solar power systems, and the Town of Windsor officials have started construction of what will be the largest floating solar power system in the state of California. The floating solar array will be installed on the Town’s largest recycled water storage pond and is expected to meet 90 percent of the Town’s water treatment and pump facilities’ energy needs.

The Ciel et Terre solar installation will consist of 4,959 (360W) high-output solar panels mounted atop the company’s patented Hydrelio floating solar racking system. The 1.78 megawatt system will generate power for the Windsor Wastewater Reclamation Facility, Public Works Corporation Yard, and the Geysers pump station, delivering approximately 90 percent of the water reclamation facilities’ power requirements while saving about 30 percent of the electricity cost based on the facilities’ existing grid service. The array will be floated in the pond and tethered to the shore, making it resistant to wind and seismic loads.

The project is being developed and construction financed by Ciel et Terre, which has entered into a 25-year lease and power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Town of Windsor to provide discounted clean energy. The floating solar system will allow Windsor to better control its electrical costs in the face of rising utility prices.

“By entering into a PPA, the Town can substantially reduce its energy overhead without any investment,” said Eva Pauly-Bowles, Representative Director for Ciel & Terre USA, Inc. “Floating solar is becoming an attractive energy alternative for municipalities seeking to reduce operating costs and preserve valuable land for other developments.”

“Our water reclamation and corporation yard facilities currently account for 40 percent of the Town’s greenhouse gas emissions,” said Toni Bertolero, Town of Windsor Public Works Director. “Installation of this new floating solar array will reduce our reliance on energy-polluting sources by an estimated 350 metric tons of CO2 per year, a significant step to achieve our Climate Action Plan emission reduction goals.”

The floating solar project will cover only 22 percent of the available water surface area of the pond. It will have no impact on the biology of the pond and will reduce water loss from evaporation and inhibit algae growth. The state-of-the-art floating solar design can be expanded for extra capacity and will not affect plant operations while it is being installed.

Ciel & Terre is partnering with local union contractor, Collins Electrical Company, for installation. “Installing a Ciel et Terre floating solar system is like assembling a giant Lego structure. The floating frame snaps together and most of the assembly is done on shore so it is safe and relatively easy,” said Craig Gini, Vice President and Renewables General Manager for Collins Electrical Company Inc. “Floating solar is an excellent alternative to conventional solar arrays and it’s simpler and faster to install. We expect more of our California customers will be installing floating solar systems in the coming months.”

Using manmade bodies of water to host floating solar systems provides more efficient energy production due to its cooling effect on the system, while eliminating the need to use expensive real estate. The floating array also reduces water movement to minimize erosion and reduce evaporation.

The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) estimates that floating solar systems could meet 10 percent of the United States electricity needs.

About Ciel & Terre
Established in 2006 as a renewable Independent Power Producer (IPP), Ciel & Terre has been fully devoted to floating solar PV since 2011. The French company pioneered Hydrelio®, the first specific and industrialized system to make solar panels float on water, with criteria such as cost-effectiveness, safety, longevity, resistance to winds and waves, simplicity, drinking water compliance, and optimized electrical yield.

Ciel & Terre has floating solar installations in Japan, Korea, China, UK, France, Germany, Netherland, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Panama, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Italy, Taiwan as well as the United States. The company has its United States headquarters in Petaluma, California.

For more information, visit www.ciel-et-terre.net.

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A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/fd8e42e8-4403-48f8-b847-a95ff2cc2723

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The Global Energy Progress Report 2019 provides a global dashboard on progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which sets 2030 targets for reaching universal access to electricity and clean fuels and technologies for cooking, substantially increasing the share of renewable energy in the global mix, and doubling the rate of improvement of energy efficiency. All the data used in this pamphlet comes from the respective official source: for electrification, the World Bank; for clean fuels and technologies for cooking, the World Health Organization (WHO); for renewable energy, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA); and for energy efficiency, the IEA and UNSD. All projections are from the IEA’s World Energy Outlook. This report identifies best practices that have proven successful in recent years, as well as key approaches that policy makers may deploy in coming years. Recommendations applicable to all SDG 7 targets include recognizing the importance of political commitment and long-term energy planning, stepping up private financing, and supplying adequate incentives for the deployment of clean technology options. The following sections review progress in electricity access, access to clean cooking solutions, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. The Energy Progress Report reviews progress to 2017 for energy access and to 2016 for renewable energy and energy efficiency, against a baseline year of 2010. Its methodology is detailed at the end of each chapter.
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Author: Arezki,Rabah ; 
Document Date: 2019/05/20 11:27:00
Document Type: Policy Research Working Paper
Report Number: WPS8858
Volume No: 1
Country: World ; 
Disclosure Date: 2019/05/20 11:24:24
Doc Name: The Economics of Sustainability : Causes and Consequences of Energy Market Transformation
Keywords: oil; technological change; energy market; Securities and Exchange Commission; marginal cost of production; early stage of development; total primary energy consumption; government transfer; oil and gas company; oil price collapse; price of oil; oil sector; learning by doing; current account deficit; oil price decline; barrel of oil; fossil fuel production; renewable energy resource; fossil fuel reserve; attitudes toward innovation; Oil & Gas; natural gas industry; cost of capital; number of patents; global energy mix; global surface temperature; renewable energy source; source oil; public sector revenue; increased oil prices; layers of rock; lower oil price; global oil supply; natural resource curse; capital of state; impact on price; energy market development; high oil price; minister of finance; greenhouse gas emission; development of technology; state owned enterprise; fossil fuel producer; initial public offering; resource rich countries; corporate governance structure; hard budget constraint; global energy market; source of energy; solar power plant; compressed natural gas; alternative fuel vehicle; forms of energy; flow of fund; natural resource governance; fossil fuel price; shale oil; recovery technique; cost structure; stranded asset; technological innovation; Global Warming
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Language: English
Region: The World Region ; 
Rep Title: The Economics of Sustainability : Causes and Consequences of Energy Market Transformation
Topics: Science and Technology Development ; Health, Nutrition and Population ; Social Development ; Industry ; Environment ; Rural Development ; Law and Development ; Energy ; Public Sector Development ; Governance ; International Economics and Trade
SubTopics: Energy and Mining ; Energy Demand ; Energy and Environment ; Public Sector Administrative and Civil Service Reform ; State Owned Enterprise Reform ; Public Sector Administrative & Civil Service Reform ; Economics and Finance of Public Institution Development ; Democratic Government ; De Facto Governments ; Climate Change and Health ; Climate Change and Environment ; Science of Climate Change ; Legal Products ; Common Property Resource Development ; Regulatory Regimes ; Legal Reform ; Judicial System Reform ; Legislation ; Real & Intellectual Property Law ; Intellectual Property Rights ; Social Policy ; Oil Refining & Gas Industry
Unit Owning: Off of Sr VP Dev Econ/Chief Econ (DECVP)
Collection Title: Policy Research working paperno. WPS 8858
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The paper deals with the economics of sustainability associated with the transformation of energy markets. It emphasizes the interrelations between technical changes and energy markets and how in turn the resulting transformations alter the sustainability of economic systems that are dependent on these markets. It also explores how innovation (or the lack thereof) is intimately linked to the ability of energy rich economies to adapt and transform. The agenda is especially relevant for oil rich countries that have announced or already put in place policies to help transform their economies and move away from dependence on oil. The agenda is also relevant for the global community, as it relates to the economic consequences of the needed transformation of energy markets to support the goal of limiting global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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This paper examines the growth effects of different dimensions of international trade integration -- notably, volume, diversification, and natural resource dependence -- in Sub-Saharan Africa. First, the paper documents the recent trends in these foreign trade dimensions for the region and the traditional sources of growth. Second, it empirically estimates the impact of trade integration on growth per worker and the sources of growth; that is, growth of capital per worker and total factor productivity growth. To accomplish this task, the analysis uses a sample of non-overlapping five-year period observations for 173 countries from 1975 to 2014. The econometric evidence shows that increased trade openness, greater export production diversification, and reduced export dependence from natural resources will have a positive causal impact on economic growth. These effects will be mainly transmitted through faster capital accumulation or enhanced total factor productivity growth. Finally, the paper finds that, despite the progress exhibited in trade openness and diversification over the past decade, there are still potential benefits that can be accrued if countries were to deepen their integration to world trade.
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