Now that the GST Constitution Amendment Bill has been passed by the Upper House of the Parliament, let’s have a look at what the future holds.There are still  many unanswered questions about the impact of GST on Infrastructure sector but the big change is coming and it’s coming soon, so be prepared for anything and everything that GST brings to your way.

The Indian infrastructure sector largely encompasses power, road, port, railways and mining. Although these sub-sectors are often referred to in the same breath when speaking of infrastructure, the indirect tax landscape is varied and unique for each of them.

This GST workshop addresses practical issues arising from the GST implementation, real problems facing businesses, and how to manage these issues.

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Hear and meet face-to-face with a distinguished panel of leading GST experts from the Industry, Tax Advisors, and Practitioners all in one place. Get up to speed with the GST developments, insights and good practices in managing a successful GST implementation with confidence.

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