Nepal Solar Week 2019

Nepal Solar Week 2019

Nepal is undergoing an energy transformation with unprecedented activity in increased power generation, use of renewable energy eradication of load shedding and march towards ambitious target to produce 2.1 GW of Solar by 2030.  Despite of having huge resources, the Country has a strong dependence over traditional fuels. The state-owned Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) supply the electricity to approx. 50% of the population which lives mainly in urban areas. Only 8 % of people in rural areas have access to electricity. The low level of electrification hampers both economic development and access to information and education in rural areas. Beside the national grid, thousands of small installations (diesel gensets, solar home systems, small island mini grids etc.) are installed in Nepal. For this small number of customers, average electricity supply is less than eight hours per day, with load shedding accounting for up to 16 hours during winter. The Nepal Government declared a “national energy crisis” and approved an Energy Crisis Management Action Plan.

Nepal has estimated a potential of 3000 MW from Wind, 1830 MW from Solar PV and Additional 2100 MW from grid connected PV.  Nepal also has great potential for at least four types of solar energy technology, grid-connected PV, solar water heaters, solar lanterns and solar home systems. Nepal receives 3.6 to 6.2 kWh of solar radiation per square meter per day, with roughly 300 days of sun a year, making it ideal for solar energy. The country also has a large market for solar water heaters.

The state has pursued a policy of developing and producing renewable energy, ensuring cheap, easily available and dependable supply of energy, and making an appropriate use of it to meet the basic needs of the citizens.


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Nepal Solar Week 2019 will be Focusing and Showcasing The Best EPC Practices and Technologies For Solar Utility and Rooftop Project Development in Nepal’s Markets.

Solar EPC Show 2019 is the largest solar energy event in Nepal with a gathering of 100+ top professionals from the industry. Attendees of this event include senior officials driving the rapid growth of this sector.

Solar EPC Show 2019 will see a number of exciting & engaging discussions on the fast evolving EPC business models, financial structures, changing business scenarios, new opportunities, technology advancements and policy developments driving solar industry. Given the strong innovations that the industry is showing in the utility and rooftop solar space, this will be a very exciting conference.

The event draws an especially senior audience, comprising of over 100+ senior decision makers from government institutions, project developers, solar EPC companies, investors, equipment manufacturers & service/technology providers, financial institutions, consultants in the solar utility and rooftop segment.



Registration And Networking Tea


Opening Remarks


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Session 1

Solar Regulatory & Policy Framework: Policies and Market Overview


  • Solar Rooftop & Utility Scale Nepal Market: Current Installation and Potential Market Size
  • Discussion on Policies, Initiatives, Schemes and Government Subsidies Driving Sector Ahead
  • Challenges faced in Effective Execution of Policies: DISCOM’s and Planning Commissions view
  • Hurdles in Strategy Implementations: Business Models, Fixed Long Term Rates etc : Developers Perspective
  • Discussions on Current Trends in Competitive Bidding of Solar Power & Plans For Nepal
  • Solar Net Metering - Current State of Policy and Guideline


Networking Tea Break

Session 2

Project Developmemnt & Construction : EPC Perspective


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  • Discussions On Today’s Stumbling Blocks For EPC In The Value Chain
  • Techo-Economical Evaluation for Project Procurement: Selecting BEST Module & Inverter For Projects
  • Systems for Sustainable Construction: Challenges Confronting Project: Professional Perspectives
  • Reducing Construction Downtime: Use of Technology
  • EPC Strategy: Reducing Costs & Downtime: Uses of IT, Remote Monitoring
  • Best Practices in Dealing with Regulatory Bottlenecks and Logistic Challenges
  • The Offgrid Solar Market: Key Execution Challenges


Networking Lunch Break

Session 3

Investment, Finance & Technology Outlook


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  • Emerging Investment Opportunities in Nepal Solar Energy Market
  • New Finance Models For Solar Projects; Learning From Global Developments
  • Addressing Key Issue like Taxation, Insuring Solar Rooftop Projects
  • Raising Funds: Issues in Capital Funding for Rooftop Solar Projects
  • Improving Return On Investment of Projects
  • Growing Market For Energy Storage
  • How Energy Storage Helps Certainty in Using Rooftop Solar
  • Discussion on Most Appropriate Battery Technology:  Type, Voltage, Connections, Duration, Wiring and more
  • Energy Storage and Grid Integration Technologies for Solar Projects

Engaging Discussions, Raging Debates, Focussed Knowledge Sharing

An Exciting One Day Programme

➤ Peer-led Discussions On Industry Trends And Opportunities

➤ With 08 hrs of Interactive Sessions, Gain Exclusive Insights Into The Various Aspects Of Solar EPC Industry

➤ Connect With Your Peers, Meet New People And Share Your Experiences

➤ Special Networking Lunch, and High Teas

➤ Dedicated Question And Answer Sessions and Industry Workshops

➤ Gain Significant Expertise In Various Aspects Of The Evolving Business Scenarios

➤ Stay Updated With Latest Technological Developments Across The Industry

➤ Exclusive Insights From Industry Leaders

Nepal Solar Week is an international premier business hub where decision makers gather to drive the utility and rooftop scale solar sector forward.

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For Registration & Inquires , Kindly Contact 

Mr. Kawaldeep Marwah

M: +91 7718 877914 
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Event Properties

Event Date 01-03-2019 9:00 am
Event End Date 01-03-2019 6:00 pm
Registration Start Date 19-11-2018
Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal

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