We recently launched a new product for Trapezoidal Metal Sheds- “T75 Rail”

Sapa Extrusion India Pvt Ltd (a part of Norsk Hydro Group) signed an agreement with Mounting Systems Gmbh, (based out of Germany) in January 2015 to exclusively manufacture and distribute their products in the Indian Sub-continent. Their patented click and clamp technology across all their products is the USP of our product line. These clamps are suitable for all framed modules with thickness between 30-50 mm, thereby offering customers flexibility of choosing modules.


We currently offer solutions for penetrative solutions for trapezoidal / corrugated type sheet roofs with loading both on sheet as well as purlins. We also offer non-penetrative solution for seam type sheets and systems with additional tilt requirement (from 7 degrees to 45 degrees) for both RCC and metal roofs. Our systems are designed to sustain the harshest of climatic conditions including high wind zone and snow load areas, which is why our installations range from sites in Darjeeling to the cyclonic areas of Philippines.

Product Introduction

We recently launched a new product for trapezoidal metal sheds - - “T75 Rail” which as the name suggests, provides a clearance of 75 mm (excluding the trough height), 77 mm including the EPDM sheet. This rail can be fixed on sheets using rivets or self-tapping screws (4 per rail)

Technological Specifications

Like all the other components in our portfolio, T75 rail is also extruded in homogenized – virgin Aluminium alloy 6063 in temper T6 (EN AW 6063 T6) and weighs about 0.9 kg/m. The rail is available in lengths between 200 mm and 395 mm, in both anodized and non-anodized finish. Customers can request for the product datasheet for inertia and uplift forces.

Technological Advancements

As seen in the photo of the cross section, major part of the base has been shifted upwards for two reasons – increase in the inertia values of the rail (thereby its inherent strength) and to reduce the overall weight of the rail. 77 mm height of the rail + additional trough height of 25-35 mm provides a net clearance of 100 mm between the sheet and module, allowing ease in heat dissipation and thereby enhanced generation.

Targetted / Benefited customer segment

T75 rail system is suited for all types of consumers including industries, commercial establishments and residential properties with metal sheds. Since the product launch in April’18, we have catered to over 5 MW of projects with this system including exports to different countries across all types of wind zones.



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