Ginlong Solis Are Committed To The Idea Of Sustainability

Established in 2005, Ginlong Solis (Stock Code: 300763.SZ) is one of the oldest and largest global string inverter specialists, that manufactures string inverters for converting DC to AC power and interacting with utility grid, which help reduce the carbon footprint of human society.

Residential, commercial and utility scale solar market include home owners, business owners, utilities, solar developers and investors benefit from a complete product line of ultra- reliable, bankable, cost effective and innovative string inverter technologies, selling under Ginlong Solis brands. These products are installed globally, optimzied for local markets and serviced by local experienced teams, to deliver significant long-term return on investment for stakeholders and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

The company has been awarded the title of “Top Inverter Brand” by the world famous photovoltaic authority research organization “EuPD” for four consecutive years -2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Ginlong products have been used in high profile locations around the world including the Shanghai Expo, (Shanghai, China) and on the Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) along with other leading domestic and commercial projects.

Ginlong Solis are committed to the idea of sustainability. We sincerely promote and practice the green way of life. We are not here just to promote solar power but also to endorse energy conservation, such that coming generations may have comparatively better lives with abundant clean energy available, as well as most of nature’s bounty that is available to us today. We have set ourselves the task of not only providing our customers solar electricity but also of seeding in them the idea of a green lifestyle. We believe it is our responsibility to protect our mother planet, and as an organisation we work every day towards this goal with conviction.


At the present stage, Ginlong Solis inverter based on specific functions can be roughly divided into 5.

* MINI inverter,

* Single-phase inverter,

* 5-20KW three-phase inverter,

*20-40kW three-phase,

* 50-70kW three-phase inverter and energy storage inverter. We can supply full series string inverter from 0.7kW to 70kW. These are the main products that ginlong was selling:

 Ginlong (Solis) have an unique USP on the solar inverter. Firstly, the high efficiency, it has a 0.5% higher efficiency than previous models. The solar inverter has wider MPPT voltage range, the MPPT voltage range of Solis 5-20KW is 160-850V. Ultra-low startup at 180V, which could make the inverter start earlier in the morning and shut down later in the evening, increase the total energy generation. And Our Solis 5-20kW three-phase 4G inverters utilize the most advanced harmonic suppression technology through a perfect combination of optimum topology design in hardware and improved algorithm in software.

Secondly, Solis have outstanding heat dissipation. Our Solis 5-20kW three-phase 4G inverters adopt external inductor structure which has independent heat dissipation. The Solis have integrated AFCI modules, because high precision arc fault sensor is used to identify arc-faults through Fourier analysis. Once detected the inverter stops generating and reduces the risk of fire, since Solis adopts 100% components from the world’s leading brands improve higher reliability for Solis inverter. And our products have built-in export power control technology. Currently, many customers have the demand for preventing PV power feeding into the grid and balancing the generation and consumption which most of traditional inverters do not support or require extra devices to realize it. We integrate the function into our inverters which only requires minor modifications to the circuit board. And Solis have wide range of power rating, we offer multiple choices for customers


Featured Product

Solis-(25-50)K-5G bring “efficient, intelligent, reliable” customer value, suitable for commercial roofs, residential roofs and other distributed scenarios. And Solis-(25-50)K-5G have many attractive technical features, which is Efficient + Wide voltage range + Multiple MPPT+ String monitoring+ Easy installation+ Fanless design. And these features also responded “efficient, intelligent, reliable” to customers.


Technology Specifications:

Firstly, new products own wider MPPT voltage range, low start-up voltage and DPWM Technology. Therefore, Solis-(25-50)K-5G have more flexible system design. And Solis-(25-50) K-5G DC input current is 12.5A+DC/AC ratio 1.3, it suitable for Bi-facial PV modules. So, these hardware conditions have brought larger DC/AC ratio, lower reduce system and it will increase full power operation period.

Secondly, the performance of new 5G models in intelligent is very splendidly. In the new products have intelligent strings monitoring and IV curve scan. Especially, the string IV curve scanning, timely detection of module faults, hot spots and other issues. And Solis-(25-50)K-5G have Export power management, this technique adjusts the output power of the inverter by monitoring the situation of photovoltaic power generation and the power consumption of the load, so that the inverter can equal the generation as the load consumption. At the same time, the new products add the remote control technology, customer can remotely turn on/ off the inverter and remotely modify grid standard. If the DC polarity is incorrect, the inverter will display fault on the screen to inform the installer to reconnect. And Solis-(25-50)K-5G also have Leakage current suppression technology, it can reduce leakage current fault rate. And the volt-watt mode can guarantee the inverter continuously generating electricity. If the grid voltage is not stable, the volt-watt work mode ensures that the photovoltaic system continues to generate instead of directly turn off.

Finally, Solis-(25-50)K-5G safety is very significantly. In the new products, which own the integrated anti-PID function. It with a built-in PID module, inverter will apply a positive voltage of the PV negative to ground to recover the PID effect. And we use the surge protection to enhance the inverter reliability against wore site conditions, because new 25- 50K series integrate type II SPD both in inverter DC and AC side.


Technology Advancements:

The most important parts of inverters are the reliability and stability. Good inverters must possess these two points then can truly save time and energy thus increasing the overall efficiency. New 5G models compared to original products, customers have more select. Now, we have 25-50K inverter, and the multiple models to match different system capacity, it have 380V and 480V voltage levels. In the efficiency test, new 5G models are larger DC/AC ratio and full power operation period than original products. And in the new products own the DPWM Technology, it will reduce 33% switching times and increase converter efficiency by 0.3%! We add the intelligent strings monitoring and IV curve scan in Solis-(25-50)K-5G. These functions will monitor PV string mismatch and increase system power generation, and independent string monitoring to reduce fault locating time. At the same time, Ginlong inverters utilize bipolar PWM control algorithm which can reduce the change rate of the common-mode voltage thus suppress the leakage current. It can effectively reduce 50% to 60% leakage current fault rate than original products.

Targeted/ Benefited Customer Segment:

Ginlong Solis is not only a string inverter R&D and manufacturing enterprises, but also good at the development of “energy management”. As a gateway, the inverter forms the smart power grid of the family and distributes the energy in a network, and finally realizes the “smart energy management”. Solis-(25-50)K-5G suitable for commercial roofs, residential roofs and other distributed scenarios, it compatible for multi-orientation rooftop scenarios. And we own a variety of models, it helps Ginlong(Solis) to expand the market. Ginlong’s products have been exported to more than 80 countries in the world, We have set ourselves the task of not only providing our customers solar electricity but also of seeding in them the idea of a green lifestyle.





Power generation gain


DPWM control technology



3/4 MPPT, reduce string mismatch loss



IV curve scan, find module faults in time



Leak current suppress technology



Volt-watt working mode



DC reverse polarity warning.






Anti-PID function


Using the above technology, Ginlong products can increase user revenue by 5.4% compared with other competitors


Cost: The Ginlong product and other competitors share the similar system configuration, and the initial investment cost of the system is almost the same.

Income: Taking the 30kW project as an example, the annual peak sunshine hours are 1300h, which can generate 2,106kWh more electricity per year! Calculated by the price of electricity of 0.07 dollars, the annual income can be increased by 154.56 dollars for users. In 25 years, the cumulative increase of income is 3864 dollar. If the solar irradiance condition and the size of the power plant increase, the revenue will increase even more!


- 4MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm, effective reducing string mismatch

- 8 strings intelligent monitoring, Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis supported

- 30% DC overload, 13A input for each PV string

- Over 98.8% Max. efficiency

- 200V-1000V MPPT voltage range- ultra low startup

- Fuse free design to avoid fire hazard

- Type II surge arrester for both DC and AC

- Natural convection, Fan-Less design, longer lifespan

- RS485/Wifi GPRS interface integration, remote upgrade supported







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