SAJ Solar Inverters Has Been Awarded The Top 5 Solar Inverter Brand In China For 5 Consecutive Years

SAJ provides professional distributed solar inverter, energy storage hybrid solar inverter and monitoring solution and solar pumping system.

Meanwhile, SAJ solar inverters has been awarded the Top 10 solar inverter brand in China for five consecutive years. Monthly average shipment of residential solar inverter (1kW-10kw) from SAJ ranks the Top 3 within the solar energy industry in domestic market. With the strategy of local service network, SAJ has more than 20 branch offices and over 80 service centers in China, and its overseas service center has expanded to Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Australia, India, Brazil and other countries. With the superior quality and comprehensive service network, SAJ has successfully applied 1 million sets of products around the world.




Feature Product

R5 residential solar inverter

SAJ R5 residential solar inverter is featured as safe and efficient, intelligent power generation, etc.Power capacity is single phase 1kw to 8kw,while three phase is from

4kw to 20kw. Among all SAJ R5 series inverters, R5-10K-T2 won the TÜV Rheinland PV Inverter for Home Use [10kw] AQM Award 2018.

R5 residential solar inverter features are presented as below:

  1. Input performance

Start voltage is 180Vdc; minimum input voltage is 150Vdc. This performance will be better under weak light condition and the on-grid power generation time could be prolonged.

  1. Output performance

Applying redundancy design and optimum software algorithm empowers it with 110% max output capacity.

  1. Thermal stability

It applies integrated die-casting molding and could be operated at extreme -40℃ condition while output will not reduce under high temperature (60℃) environment.

  1. Conversion efficiency

Innovative MPPT algorithm, with 99.9% MPPT efficiency, maximum conversion efficiency 98.53%.

       5.Power quality

Applies advanced weak grid adaptive algorithm, making the general harmonic distortion



R5 residential solar inverter Highlights

* Lightning protection , High precision leakage monitoring

* Die-casting case cover , Beautiful & reliable

* Low standby consumption ,High efficiency (20kw up to 98.8%)

* Bluetooth APP connection ,All data at real time

* Remote Maintenance ,Remote Configuration

* Quiet generation ,No noise pollution

*Intelligent & Grid-friendly ,Active response to grid dispatch