Ginlong (Solis) Introduces the 5G (Fifth Gen!) Inverter Platform for 2020 and Beyond

The new, fifth generation of Solis single- and three-phase inverter products (as well as the 1500V PV String Inverter project) has been realized at Ginlong (Solis) and has been upgraded beyond the visions of the original foundations.

The new 5G vision and innovative upgrades will ensure Solis customers experience even more of the efficient, reliable product performance and prompt customer service they have come to expect from Ginlong (Solis).

Efficiency & Reliability:

Ginlong (Solis) 5G inverters utilize a new and efficient control algorithm (Max efficiency exceeding 99.1%). Ginlong (Solis) inverters continue to offer the latest DPWM Technology, the industry-widest MPPT voltage range, very low start-up voltages and, it will support 13A per MPPT/PV string. The new 5G inverter platform includes integrated type II SPD’s on both the AC and DC sides of the inverter to enhance inverter reliability in extreme weather conditions.


Intelligent & Friendly :

The Ginlong (Solis) fifth generation (5G) inverter platform includes intelligent string monitoring and IV curve scanning. Ginlong (Solis) string IV curve scanning, it will quickly detect and alert service personnel of module faults, hot spots and other issues. With a built-in PID detection and mitigation function, the Ginlong (Solis) 5G inverter will apply a positive voltage to the PV string to help counter the PID effect.


Stability & Reliability:

Ginlong (Solis) 5G inverters utilize a new bipolar PWM control algorithm which can reduce the change rate of the common-mode voltage, suppressing leakage current. This new process can effectively reduce leakage current fault rates 50% to 60%.

Ginlong (Solis) has strong leadership positions in the world’s fastest growing solar markets, and we use innovation in technology to ensure the company’s continuing sustainable development. Ginlong (Solis) has set ourselves the task of not only providing our customers with solar electricity but also of seeding in them the idea of a green lifestyle.

The Ginlong (Solis) next generation technology platform has arrived, representing the company motto; “Quality, Reliability, Experience”. These new advances are the result of all the great teamwork at the Ginlong(Solis), as they carry out their mission to provide their customers with the best products and services in the PV inverter industry.





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