Diris Digiware DC

State of art multi circuit power monitoring and energy measurement system, that is at once intuitive and accurate, with its unique plug and play functionality. The product stands out in stark contrast to conventional solution that has remained quite unchanged inspite of the technological prowess influencing key decision in diverse applications. At the core of Digiware architecture is a centralised monitoring unit, with a single voltage module and a combination of current measurement and sensor module, all integrated via dedicated Digiware bus. DIRIS Digiware Idc / Vdc modules measure consumption and monitor the DC electrical installation. This approach offers possibility of characterising a high number of loads from a single voltage tap. The design lends itself to be spearheading a paradigm shift as the sub systems are fast, safe and reliable. Designed for measuring and monitoring continuous electrical energy (DC) the DIRIS Digiware DC offers a range of basic parameters - voltage, current, as well as integrated ones, like power, energy and quality. It can be used to jointly analyse DC loads as it is tested and certified Performance Measuring and Monitoring Device (PMD) in accordance with IEC 61557-12. The voltage adaptors make the system compatible with all voltage levels up to 1650 VDC to respond to the needs of all applications. DIRIS Digiware DC can be easily integrated into an energy management system which requires a large number of loads to be monitored. It is possible to configure this from its remote display or via the Easy Config software. The measurements can be accessed via the WEBVIEW web server integrating the monitoring function for electrical values (Power Monitoring version) and reporting function for energy data (Power & Energy Monitoring version). WEBVIEW is available on DIRIS G communication gateways and the DIRIS Digiware D-70 display. The range comprises solid-core and split-core sensors ranging from 50 to 5000 A in various sizes allowing them to be used in new or existing electrical installations. DC current is measured by external sensors connected to the DIRIS Digiware I-3xdc modules via RJ12-Molex cables. Connection of the current sensors is quick and error-free, both solid & spilt core version as well as hall effect sensor are available.

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An extensive range of highly reliable high performance switching devices, from 160 to 800A up to 1500 VDC incorporating standard as well as trip function. The INOSYS LBS switches integrate a patented technology that offers high switching capacity of 500 and 750 VDC per pole with optimum arc containment and significant power loss reduction - all within a compact device. Socomec manufactures a unique and innovative solution for the protection of electrical facilities and offers a full range of load break switches with disconnection (for AC and DC current). By integrating a tripping function that allows remote emergency switching, Socomec offer a major advance to users of load break switch. Reliable position indication is made possible through visible contacts. ON, OFF and TRIP positions are stable, resistant to voltage fluctuations. The trip position provides complete disconnection and isolation. The opening and closing of the switch is fully independent from the speed of operation, ensuring safe operation under all conditions.

Full immunity to external perturbation is assured, avoiding incidence of nuisance tripping. Shunt-trip or under voltage release is possible across wide AC / DC voltage range. The same switch can be used for installation with either grounded or floating networks by choosing the wiring configuration. Thanks to its patented technology, INOSYS LBS switches provide high switching performance in a very compact footprint. They can be used for firefighting operations to completely disconnect any dangerous voltage in the electrical installation. With a growing emphasis on equipment as well as personnel safety, that is inextricably linked to solar PV system up-time besides, the Socomec Inosys range of trip ready PV isolators indeed sits on a venerable pedestal in the solar PV activity domain.

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Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading solar inverter manufacturer in the world. According to the GTM Research 2017 Report, Sineng Electric is the world's fifth largest solar inverter manufacturer. In 2014, following integration with a Fortune 500 company's PV business, the company became a leader in terms of R&D, management and marketing in the global PV market. Currently, Sineng Electric has completed the establishment of its local sales and service system for the Indian market. The Indian company's annual solar inverter production capacity is expected to reach 3GW. Sineng Electric is capable of meeting the diversified needs of its customers with the widest portfolios of solar inverters ranging from single and three-phase string inverters up to megawatt-sized central inverters and central distributed inverters. This extensive range of solar inverters is suitable for the smallest residential photovoltaic systems right up to multi-megawatt PV plants.

Features and Benefits of EP-3125-HA-UD

a. Product Introduction

In the context of increasingly large photovoltaic power station monomer, the traditional 1000V system is losing its advantage in reducing system cost. Compared with 1000V system, 1500V system’s advantages are as follows: Enhance the dielectric strength level of components, inverters, cables, combiner boxes and other equipments; 1500V system has high dielectric strength level,thus more modules can be series-connected in one string, then it can save the investment of cable, combiner boxes, transformers and other equipments; Reduce ac-dc side loss and transformer low-voltage side loss.

Consider the above advantages, Sineng developed the EP-3125-HA-UD series inverter. It is a compact all-in-one outdoor device which eliminates the need of traditional inverter containers. Compared with the same power inverter, the EP-3125-HA-UD has smallest size, highest power density and highest cost performance.

b. Technology Specifications

Electrical Data


Max. input voltage


Max. input current


MPPT voltage range


No. of MPPTs


Rated output power


Max. output AC power


Rated grid voltage


Optional Grid voltage range


Rated output current


Max. output current


Rated grid frequency


Adjustable displacement factor

0.8(lagging) ~ 0.8(leading)

Max. / European efficiency

99.00% / 98.70%

Standby consumption


Dimensions(W × H × D)




Operating temperature range


Cooling concept

Temperature controlled air-cooling

Degree of protection


Max. permissible value for relative humidity

0~95%, non -condensing

Max. altitude

4500m (derating> 3000m)

Communication port/protocols

Standard: RS485, Ethernet


c. Technology Advancements

•Low system cost

Adopts advanced three-level technology, the highest DC bus voltage 1500V, the maximum conversion efficiency of 99%. Maximum DC/AC ratio can be up to 1.5. Highest power density in all centralized inverters above 3MW. With single capacity of 3.125 MW, the EP-3125-HA-UD is flexible in 6.25MW or 12.5 MW block design. The 6.25MW block solution uses two inverters to access three winding transformer. The 12.5 MW block solution uses four inverters to access five winding transformer. It will greatly reduce the cost of transformers and high-voltage RMUs that is suitable for utility plant such as large flat surface and water surface photovoltaic power stations over 25MW.

•Convenient for O&M

Outdoor design without container. It is designed for easy and fast installation. With all the key components such as IGBT models are in front space and modular design that is convenient for O&M.

•High reliability & durability

As shown in figure, the cold air enters through the filter follow the heat dissipation channel. The cold air is guided from top to bottom by the cooling fans to reduce the heat produced by the inverter. The key components are sealed and contact the external duct through the radiator. This isolation design improves the adaptability of the inverter to different environments, protects the key components, and ensures the long-term stable operation of the system.


d. Benefitted Customer Segment

As a leader in the industry, Sineng is committed to maximizing customer benefits. The EP-3125-HA-UD is most suitable for large scale projects, so that they can maximize their solar generation. With the advanced air-cooled design, it can work without derating at 50 °C, which is very suitable for the hot climate in India. High protection performance for outdoor use, IP54 protection level of inverter and IP65 protection level of key components are suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.

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