When it has started, it was a dwarf and let’s see, how it now consumes the Sun’s essence. Do you know what I am talking all about? – This is the Solar PV technology that I want to discuss here all about, matching your expectations from this magazine. We fight everyday with problems either from EPC (One who Installs the SPV), manufacturers (One who Manufacturers the Solar cells/arrays), or end users – blinding on the problems what we see as a result now is the market dip proportionally to SPV technology credibility dip. We are intent to serve this problem with a solution.

Sapa Extrusion India Pvt Ltd (a part of Norsk Hydro Group) signed an agreement with Mounting Systems Gmbh, (based out of Germany) in January 2015 to exclusively manufacture and distribute their products in the Indian Sub-continent. Their patented click and clamp technology across all their products is the USP of our product line. These clamps are suitable for all framed modules with thickness between 30-50 mm, thereby offering customers flexibility of choosing modules.

Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of power electronic products, which provides customers with products and solutions of solar inverters, photovoltaic plant operation and management, photovoltaic plant development, power quality control, energy storage system and automobile charging solutions.

Back in 2013, Huawei released the world’s leading commercial inverter with Fuse-free and Natural cooling design. These features greatly improved the reliability of the PV system, and firmly placed Huawei as the leader in the commercial segment. Five years on, the new SUN2000-50KTL-M0 (hereinafter SUN2000-50KTL) commercial inverter is being released – and it’s ready to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the commercial & industrial market, with new built-in cut edging technologies.



Complete System and Product Certification:

1. IEC 61215, IEC617031. IEC 61215, IEC61703

2. ISO 9001:2008: ISO Quality Management System

3. ISO 14001:2004: ISO Environment Management System

4. TS62941: Guidelines For Module Design Qualification And Type Approval

5. OHAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health And Safety


Positive Power Tolerance (0~+5W) Guaranteed

High Module Conversion Efficiency (up to 20.2%)

Slower PID Resistance Ensured by Solar Cell Process Optimization And Careful Module BOM Selection

Adaptable To Harsh Environment: Passed Rigorous Salt Mist And Ammonia Tests

Outstanding Low Light Performance Average Relative Efficiency 97.5% Or Better At 200W/m2

Reduced Resistive Loss With Lower Operating Current

Higher Energy Yield With Lower Operating Temperature

Reduced High Spot Risk With Optimized Electrical Design And Operating Current



West Coast Engineering Works Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in the solar industry for innovating, engineering and designing ALUMINIUM WALKWAYS for Solar Rooftop Projects. After having manufactured and supplied Aluminium Walkways, Handrails and Ladders to multiple prestigious jobs, West Coast has become a generic brand in the solar industry.

With our experience of operating & managing over 800MW of Solar PV plants acrossWith our experience of operating & managing over 800MW of Solar PV plants acrossIndia we found that less than 50% of the plants have a working SCADA, less than 40% have string monitoring, less than 25% have remote monitoring feature and only couple ofcustomers have a centralized dashboard where they can monitor all their solar PV plants!

SOFARSOLAR (est 2012) is one of the subsidiaries of SOFAR Group in China and specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of grid-tied inverters ranging from 1kW to 6kW (residential), 4kW to 70kW (commercial) and energy storage inverters (3kW-5kW), hybrid inverters from 3kW to 6kW.SOFARSOLAR (est 2012) is one of the subsidiaries of SOFAR Group in China and specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of grid-tied inverters ranging from 1kW to 6kW (residential), 4kW to 70kW (commercial) and energy storage inverters (3kW-5kW), hybrid inverters from 3kW to 6kW.SOFARSOLAR, with 400 employees, has a very strong and experienced R&D team who have improved inverter technology, both software and hardware.

SOFARSOLAR is a top 5 Grid tied string inverters manufacturer for rooftop and utility projects. SOFARSOLAR inverters have been installed in 40+ countries (e.g. India, Australia, the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherland, France, China, Russia, Poland, Brazil, etc.) with currently own subsidiaries in India, Australia, Wuxi, Beijing, Shenzhen and Henan.

From day one our company has put quality as the most important criteria in our design, production and daily operations. Our international R&D team designed the product from bottom up. We hand-picked each component and we have drew every bit of the circuitry. Therefore we understand exactly how the device shall perform in every situation. We sourced all our electronic materials from U.S., Germany and Japan, such as Fairchild, Infineon, Texas instruments, Panasonic, Nichicon, Tamura, Microsemi, Amphenol, Sanyo. We are certainly not the cheapest inverters you can find in China. But if you consider quality is important, you will not regret to work with us.

Our range of grid tied inverters include 1KW to 6KW in single and 4KW to 70KW in three phases. We also have 3-5kW power storage inverters and 3-6kW hybrid inverters.Our range of grid tied inverters include 1KW to 6KW in single and 4KW to 70KW in three phases. We also have 3-5kW power storage inverters and 3-6kW hybrid inverters.*7 years warranty in Indian Market*Local sales, Local Service, Local Support.*Inverter replacement during 7 Years Warranty Period.

Vision Statement:

SOFARSOLAR planning investment in India. In a next year company manufacturing setup will be start. Local Sales-service stock availability, PAN India & Middle East market development. Focus on new upgrade technology, Product availability as per market response. Market strategy on HYBRID & STORAGE Inverter & Coming with our new technology products AUTOMOBILE ECO-CHARGER. To develop market with reliability, Product quality, prompt service response.

Mission Statement:

SOFARSOLAR growing in India market with quality products & prompt service Support availability. We are developing Customization products as per client requirement with Best technical features. OEM Work flexibility with mutually understanding on Techno-commercial terms.

Business Goals & Objectives

SOFARSOLAR wants to develop in India every region sales-service setup, oriented business policy with Dealers, Business partners, EPC, Solar developers. Focus to work on Government sector projects with largest quantity.

Business Strategy: In future planning to business in NEW ENERGY AUTOMOBILE ( Supercharger ) products & string inverter development.

Products & Services

  • SOFAR TRADING ( Electronics Trading)
  • SOFAR PROPERTY ( Industry Park )
  •  NEW ENERGY AUTOMOBILE ( Supercharger )
  • SOFAR SOLAR ( Inverter )1KW to 6KW -single and4KW to 70KW -Three phases
  • Storage inverters & Hybrid inverters.Storage inverters & Hybrid inverters.Company local stock, Local Sales-Service availability

Business Competitiveness

1. Complete product series of string inverters.

2. Choose high quality components, such as higher voltage thin-film capacitor.

3. Well-designed inverter cases: die-casting housings go through anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection processes

4. 4-inch diamond white-bright screen.

5. Support RS485/WiFi/GPRS/Ethernet for data upload.

6. Built-in SD card with 25 years data storage capacity for three phase inverters.

7. Support web portal for online monitoring and APP for mobile phones.

8. Support zero export solution and PID solution.

9. Local technical support for whole India market.

10. SOFAR SOLAR Inverters and distributors are insured by US CHUBB Insurance corporation company.

Quality Policy Of The Company: Available all IEC Certificates as per required in INDIA Market.

Service Pledge: Prompt service support available onsite & offsite. Planning to develop toll free number service very soon.


“Oorja on MoveTM” HQ at Gurgaon, India is leading Engineered Green Energy & Automation Solution provider for Indian infrastructure & Smart Cities, having strong credentials build by ahead of time solutions, innovations and new business dimensions in the domain of Power, Energy, Infrastructure, Telecom, Metal & mine, Banking, Smart city, Defense, Railways, Surveillance etc.

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