Insolation Energy - Rajasthan’s first fully automatic 60MW SPV Module manufacturing line

With a vision of contributing to a world, which does not depend on power from fossil fuels, Insolation Energy Pvt. Ltd was founded in March 2017 in Rajasthan as a national energy provider with a successful business in India. Insolation Energy Pvt. Ltd, a company promoted & operated by Mr. Manish Gupta & Mr. Vikas Jain having experience of more than 19 years in various sectors like Steel, Industrial Pipe Line Accessories, Real Estate, Health & Fitness, and Independent Solar Power Producer. Insolation Energy aims to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across the world to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable and conflict-free power supply. Insolation Energy is committed to leading a change in the country’s current energy portfolio by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices, thereby reducing India’s carbon footprint.


Insolation energy aims to produce the best quality and affordable PV modules according to global quality, in minimum manufacturing cost that makes it environmentally and economically efficient and it supports the vision of producing green and clean energy under our prime minister’s ‘make in India’ campaign.

The new Solar Division of Insolation Energy, a PV Module Manufacturing Unit which is conceptualized with professionals having rich experience in renewable energy and with an annual manufacturing capacity of 60 MW of high-efficiency PV Modules in the range of 40Wp to 350Wp Poly and Monocrystalline along with new innovative products i.e. twin power, Dual glass (Glass to Glass), BIPV, Mono PERC for more better generation and other technical advantage and applications.

Insolation Energy has fully automatic & state of the art manufacturing unit spread in more than 65000 Sq. ft area with sophisticated machinery which delivers A-grade quality solar PV module that follows all the standard of IEC, UL, MNRE, CE, BIS – IS 14286, etc. Insolation Energy promotes its products with the brand name ‘INA’.

The manufacturing of Solar PV module started in March 2017. With a successful track record developing, engineering, constructing and connecting more than 32 MW*+ of solar PV modules, Insolation Energy stands out as one of the leading solar developers in India. Some of their prominent projects are –

2.3 MW Project in Ujjain 1 MW in Bhilwara

Insolation Energy has developed these projects while following the global standards and they make sure that the modules are micro crack defect-free as each and every module was tested in their manufacturing line.


Quality is what Insolation Energy believes in

Insolation energy never compromises with the quality of modules and they assure that their customers are satisfied with the quality they deliver. For ensuring the quality, Insolation Energy conducts 30 in-house tests and they are planning some more tests in the coming future. Their modules come with a warranty of 25 years. They are continuously working on improving the quality and reliability of their products.

Mr. Manish Gupta, one of the founders of Insolation Energy says that this is the result of hard work and commitment of their team that INA has become an exemplary name in the global market. Their products meet the highest Global quality International and BIS standards that enable them to offer excellent utility for their partners and clients. Insolation Energy goals are to extend technological leadership with the consistent improvement of their products and to have a transparent relationship with their clients that lead us to a sustainable future.

Insolation Energy’s aim is to come up as a solar leader by Making the difference to the solar projects

At Insolation Energy Private Limited, world-class quality is a top priority. They strive to provide their customer with products and services which meet and exceed their expectations. Insolation Energy believes that we shall use preventive processes and testing to drive the highest quality standards and to deliver products that meet their stated quality goals. We aim to manufacture Solar PV Modules with high quality, long lasting, reliable and prudent practices under the “Make in India” Campaign. Insolation Energy is dedicatedly working towards technology up gradation to improve the efficiency of their PV modules and collaborate with global leaders to bring out the best technology in the solar industry for a greener, sustainable and better solar future.

The global demand for sustainable energy solutions is on the rise and Insolation Energy is aware of its commitment to elevating the quality of life, while at the same time generating green energy responsibly. Insolation Energy will continue to do all it takes to make solar energy affordable and accessible to people in need across the country.

Insolation Energy is a nationally active solar energy solutions provider, specializing in high- efficiency crystalline PV module manufacturing. Insolation Energy is an active contributor in shaping the solar revolution. Carrying forward the rich legacy and extensive manufacturing experience of the Fluidcon Engineer, INA Solar, since 2017, is building on a 2-decade old success story. Insolation Energy successfully demonstrated their capability even before the solar sector witnessed active growth and development in India. Today, INA has been rated by various acclaimed agencies for product and process quality. Insolation Energy source best-in-class equipment from all around the world to deliver the finest product quality. Their highly competent research and development team constantly work on improving their product portfolio and introducing new products to serve their customers better. Today, Insolation Energy is proud to have built one of India’s best production facilities with a total annual production capacity of 60 MW along and they are eager to contribute more to the Indian solar industry.


The Equipment & Setup at Insolation Energy

Insolation energy has installed one of the most advanced and Rajasthan first fully automatic 60MW SPV Module manufacturing line with least manual intervention and continuous automatic process, Automatic Tabber & stringer, inline Pre & Post EL Tester, Automatic framing machine for Seamless framing and AAA Class inline sun simulator. Best quality raw material conforming to the latest BIS and International standards is procured for the manufacturing of modules. They are consistently upgrading their machinery to improve the efficiency of their modules. Their manufacturing line embodies the finest automatic machinery under the supervision of our skilled team. Testing is done at each stage so that the module performs well throughout its lifespan and thus, world-class PV Modules are produced.

Right now their team of researchers and developers is working on ‘glass to glass module’ and ‘twin power module’, the specialty of ‘glass to glass modules’ is that it can also be used as glass and it generates power too. Insolation Energy has drawn some great results in this research and soon, they are launching some new products that are developed during this research. The production at INA stands for quality and a clean and green future.

Insulation Energy is awarded for their excellence by various institutions and they are dedicatedly working towards technology up gradation to improve the efficiency of their cells and modules. From the last 1 year, insolation energy is producing world-class solar panels and delivering unmatchable results that have made INA a trustworthy brand. In a short period of time, INA has also won the belief of numerous eminent brands.

-Insolation Energy



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