Why Solis Inverters became the Preferred Choice of Airports PV Power Station at Home and Abroad.

In addition to its own benefits, the civil aviation transportation industry has obvious comprehensive benefits in promoting the development of resources, producing "airport economic zone", promoting the development of regional economy, driving the tertiary industry and providing jobs. Green development has become an important trend nowadays. The innovative model of PV + airport is a forward-looking revolution of the PV industry.

Hainan Haikou Meilan International Airport

Hainan Haikou Meilan International Airport is located in the south of tropic of cancer, with better of the atmospheric transparency, larger of the solar projection Angle, smaller changed of the day and night length change is small, richer of the solar radiation . According to the statistics of China meteorological administration, solar energy available time is from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, average sunshine hours per month are 160 hours+, average sunshine percentage  is about 65% of year in Meilan international airport, these natural conditions are very favorable for the construction of solar PV power stations

Ginlong Solis help to build an environment-friendly Meilan international airport.

Meilan airport will integrate the rooftop of the terminal building and the facilities in front of the airport into the PV power station construction plan. The annual power generation of the completed power station is expected to reach 6.05 million kWh,With a CO2 emission reduction of about 3,800 tons. Meilan airport is the first airport in China to use PV clean energy to generate electricity.


This project adopted GCI-60K-4G inverters from Ginlong Solis which features are 4 MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm, effectively reducing string mismatch, 12 strings intelligent monitoring, fuse free design to avoid fire hazard.

 In the hot summer, the PV power station may suffer from the high temperature inside the inverter, resulting in the decrease of power generation. Inductors of Ginlong solis inverters are in different compartments to the other components of the inverter and are potting at the back of the inverter inside the heatsink. This again improves heat dissipation. Having the main components separate also increase the life-time of these other critical components, due to the lower temperature. Even in high ambient temperatures, Ginlong Solis inverter can still operate at full power, reliably.

With a total capacity of 2340kW, the project of Meilan international airport adopts the mode of "self-use and surplus power to network", which can inject clean and green energy into the airport and ensure the safe and stable operation of the power station with local consumption and small power transmission loss.


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