Solar PV plant documentation is crucial for an in-depth understanding of the design,configuration and technical details thereof. it is the asset Owner’s responsibility to providethose documents and if not available, they should, as best practice, be recreated at theasset Owner’s cost.

Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) panels are the latest innovation to hit the solarBuilding-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) panels are the latest innovation to hit the solarmarket, increasing the design and installation options for residential and commercial solarconsumers seeking to achieve their energy goals. Unlike “traditional” solar installations, inwhich panels are mounted on frames on top of or nearby the building they provide powerto, building-integrated panels blend seamlessly with other construction materials as partof the structure itself. Whether you are building a new home or commercial facility orretrofitting an existing structure, BIPV offers several exciting design possibilities.

According to Global market reports, Global Install capacity will add 100 GW of solar pv in 2018. With around 48GW to be added in 2018, 47 percent of global demand will be accounted by China. 10.6 GW of solar PV expected by US markets while 7.1 GW will be Installed by India!

5 GW of total solar pv installations was accounted in India in first half of 2018 including both large-scale and rooftop solar. India has crossed 25 GW in terms of total installed solar capacity, moving closer to the 2022 target of 100 GW.

Working in Solar power industry we come across various terms, right from lead generation to project management and after sales support. Few of the terms are listed below:


- After sales support/AUTOCAD design/Analysis of detailed project report according to site survey/AC current, voltage & power/Anti-PID/AC cables/AC Distribution box/Arc fault/Aluminum/Anti-islanding/Altitude.


- Business values & ethics/Basic layout designing/Buildings/Block diagram/BOM.


- Closing deals/Clients/Competetors/Commissioning/Costing/Controller/Contractor/Car port installations/Communication protocol/ Cables/ Capacitor/ Copper/ Clamps/ Cold calling/ CAPEX/ Central Inverters/ CREDA.


- Deals/Design & drawings/DC voltage & currents/Dimensions/DC cables/DC distribution box/Datasheets/Data logger/DPR.


- End of project/Earthing/Efficiency/Elevated structure/Embedded communication/Escalation/EV/Energy storage/Engineering/EPC.


- Frequency/Fuse/Fire extinguisher/Filter/Floating solar plant.


- Generation/Glands/Guarantee/Grounding/Galvanization/GEDA.


- HT Panel/HT Consumer/Humidity.


- Inverter/Inductor/Investment/Installation/Interest/Insulation/IP65

Protections/IEC certifications.


- JMR/Joint inspection/Job completion report.


- Kick off meeting.


- Lead generation/Lightning Arrester/ LD/ Legal agreement/ LT Panel/ LCD Display/ Lugs.


- Marketing/MPPT/MC4 Connectors/ Measurements/ Monitoring/ MCB//Module/ Modbus/ MNRE/ MEDA.


- Negotiations/Negative grounding.


- Orders/Operation & Maintenance/Online monitoring/OPEX.


- Planning/Photovoltaic modules/PVSyst Software/Procurement/Projects/Protections/Performance/Perlin/Project Management/ Power factor/ PPE/ Proposals/ Product Sales & Marketing.


- Quality/Quotations.


- R&D/Reverse polarity protection/Rating/Rail/Resistance/Rafter/Remote Monitoring. 


- Sales & Service/SketchUp software/Shadow analysis/SPD/Strings/Safety/Single phase/ Switch/String Inverters/Structure/Symbols/Sign boards/Safeguard duty. 


- Team management/Testing & Commissioning/Three phase/Test reports/Temperature/Tilt Angle/Trackers.


- U Clamp/UV Protections/Underground cable laying.


- Values offered to customers/Voltage/Varistor.


- Winning projects/Watt peak/Warranty certificates/Walkway/ Weighted efficiency/ Weather monitoring/ Web user interface/ Wiring/ Wifi.


- X Bracing/X' mer.


- Y Connector.


- Z Clamp.

Working in Solar power sector is always fun and daily you come across many challenges. If you are in sales you will come across various types of customers in the market which will teach you new life lessons daily. For service and engineering professional, designing is a challenge as Sales guys would pitch 500kW size of project which design guys concludes to 350kW capacity! Project management people have to coordinate with all vendors and rightly arrange the delivery in time as client after giving advance payments wants to get his project completed within a short period of time is a bit challenge. Collection of full payments is a different level of challenge, and even a single mistake is remaining in the project then forget your payments! After sales, service and support is a key of your customer giving your repetitive orders and referring you among his fellow connections!

Thus the facts and figures remains the same in our solar industry and we all are fortunate that we are part of the era called as “Renewable Era’ and let us come together and spread as much awareness possible for promoting benefits of solar power in your society ultimately helping our Mother earth.

Let us live together with a dream to see our country an Energy Surplus Nation!

-Abhijeet More

(ABB Solar Division-Mumbai)

Follow him on linkedin for more content

Market Outlook

GTM Research forecasts U.S. solar to be essentially flat in 2018. With nearly two-thirds of the 2018 utility PV pipeline consisting of relatively less price-sensitive renewable portfolio standard projects and projects currently in construction that secured tariff-free modules (either crystalline-silicon PV delivered before the tariffs went into effect or non-subject thin-film or domestically produced modules), tariff impacts on 2018 will be somewhat mitigated. The non-residential market will fall as a pipeline of projects grandfathered in under a more favorable policy and incentive environment wanes in 2018. Residential PV is expected to be flat given lingering weakness in major markets, which will lead to these markets seeing flat growth or contraction this year.

There is both an opportunity and challenges of using municipal corporation for the acceleration of rooftop solar. Therefore, if municipalities are to play a role in the necessary acceleration of rooftop solar in India, they will need to look for new sources of finance and business models to spur the required development. This will also require building partnerships with local solar developers and other stakeholders in the domestic and even international financial markets.

To effectively accelerate the deployment of solar rooftop systems among residential consumers in the BYPL area, the DISCOM needs to deploy business models that suit each of its different consumer segments. Given the solar value chain (Figure 8), the DISCOM can take up a combination of different roles to tailor the value preposition to a target consumer segment. The DISCOM can leverage its position effectively in the solar value chain through avenues such as payment assurance and financial guarantee, energy services, consumer aggregation, and supply aggregation.

In India, with the ever-rising fossil fuel imports and rapid urbanization choking many cities with harmful pollution, the need for adoption of clean energy became more a compulsion than a choice. India is moving rapidly towards RE. With increased investments and clean energy installations, as well as the world’s largest renewables auction market, today we rank no. 2 after Chile as per 2018 Climatescope report by Bloomberg NEF. India has surpassed Japan to become the world’s third-largest market for solar power, and is projected to claim the number two spot from the United States later this year. Storing energy is as crucial as generating renewable energy. Essential to the successful growth of RE and EVs is energy storage.

Solar electricity tariffs in India have declined significantly in recent years, making rooftop solar (RTS) an attractive investment for commercial and industrial consumers. This has led to increased deployment of RTS systems among consumers in these categories, primarily to hedge the risk against increasing tariffs of grid electricity.

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