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We are continuously focused on the major markets including Chinese,US and also the Indian market

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Below are the excerpts of our recent interview with Mr. SHI Lei, General Manager, HT-SAAE - Photovoltaic Business

You are a global leader in the solar industry. Could you tell us about your current business presence in India?

To be precise, we are a techno-leader in innovation in the solar industry. Talking about volume and capacity, probably we are not leading as compared to the other Chinese competitors. As we are seeing, the Indian market has been growing very fast. According to the government’s plan, India aims to reach 100 Giga watts by 2022. HT-SAAEhas also focused a lot on the Indian market. Every year, we have been improving our performance to satisfy the Indian customers and we have also focused on our strategy continuously to grow with the Indian solar market.

Could you tell us more about the latest innovations in your product and solution offerings for the Indian market?

We also see HT-SAAE as a technology company focused for technological innovation in the solar sector. Starting from the beginning of this year, we promoted Milky Way PV module series in the Japanese market and we continuously focused on the Research and Development efforts to provide higher peak power and multi applications for the market.

What exciting opportunities do you see in the Indian as well as global market?

Global market is still growing and with cost competitiveness, many countries have already started enjoying the Grid parity. I guess India is on its way to reach the Grid quality as well. So we will see that the new technology will come in and we will have more of innovative products in the coming years which will further lower the cost and provide better quality and efficiency to the market.

How different is the Indian PV module market from the International market?

The main focus is on the Indian customers.Not only have they focused on good quality products but are also focusing on the quality price ratio. They were asking for more competitive pricein order to fit the very rigid PPA scheme which was announced by the government.

Could you please shed some light on your plans for India over the next 12 months?

We will further expand our sales. I am referring not only to the sales team but also to the variety of our products in the Indian market as a whole. Our products will witness an outstanding performance in the coming 12 months in the Indian market.

A word on your current competitors in the market.

We are continuously focused on the major markets including Chinese, US and also the Indian market. Our main focus is on the Indian market for the coming 12 months and the strategy will be changed in order to be more fast and responsive to the market.

Any message you would like to give to the industry?

We were seeing during this exhibition that a lot of Indian local manufacturers have improved their capacity and capability. I think the local production will be increasing in the coming years as well.




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